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SAILING COMMITTEE - Monday 24th February 2020
Success at Topper Worlds 2017 for Island Barn sailors!
... with bruised knees (Wednesday Week 4)
10 Nov - RS Aero Demo and Training Day
10th July Wednesday Evening
10th March
11th July Solo Open
12 July 2015 hot evening
16th July Weds Series
19th June Wednesday Evening
19th September 2009 Topper Open NoR Results
2000 Season
2001 Season
2001 Winter Series Topper Race 1
2002 Autumn Saturday Handicap
2002 Autumn Sunday AM Handicap Class
2002 Autumn Sunday AM Solo Class
2002 Laser Club Series
2002 Late Summer Topper Class
2002 Masters and Veteran Races
2002 Rubber Duck Final
2002 Season
2002 Summer Sunday AM Handicap Class
2002 Summer Sunday AM Laser Class
2002 Summer Sunday AM Solo Class
2002 Summer Topper Class
2002 Wednesday Evening
2003 Season
2004 Season
2007-08 Summer Series
2007-08 Winter Series Results
2008 09 Summer Season Resuts
2008-09 Winter Season Results
2009 Laser World Championships
2009-10 Summer Season Results
2009-10 Winter Series Results
2010 Qanniversaryq Series Month Two
2010-11 Summer Series Results
2011 12 Summer Series Results
2011 12 Winter Series Results
2011 Anniversary Handicap Series
2012 2013 Autumn Winter
2012 Spring Summer
2012 Team Pursuit Race Report
2012-13 Winter Membership
2013 - 2014 Autumn Winter Series
2013 Commodore's Day
2013 Feva Open Meeting and Training
2013 Junior Week
2013 Junior Week Application
2013 Laser Open Meeting
2013 Phantom NoR
2013 Phantom SI
2013 Rules study Version
2013 Solo Open Meeting
2013 Spring Summer
2013 Summer Special
2013 Surrey Schools NoR
2013 Topper Open Meeting
2013 Wednesday Series Starts
2013-2016 Racing Rules Available
2013/14 RS200 Winter Mini Series
2014 Club Championship Report & Results
2014 Commodore's Day Open Pursuit Races and Party
2014 Commodore's Open Day
2014 Feva Open Meeting and Training Weekend
2014 Junior Sailing School Enrolment Open
2014 Laser Open Meeting
2014 Phantom Open Meeting
2014 RS 200 Open Meeting
2014 Solo Open Meeting
2014 Surrey Schools Regatta
2014 Surrey Schools Regatta Report
2014 Topper Coaching Day
2014 Topper SE Region Travellers Open Meeting
2014 Topper Winter Open Meeting NoR
2014 Try Sail Enrolment Open
2014-2015 Sailing Results
2015 Christmas Parties
2015 Club Championship
2015 Commodore's Day
2015 Feva Open Meeting Notice Of Race
2015 Prize Winners
2015 RS200 Inland Championships
2015 RS200 Open Meeting and Inland Championships
2015 Schools Regatta
2015 Schools Regatta notice
2015 Solo Open Meeting
2015 Solo Open Meeting Notice
2015 Topper Winter Open Meeting
2015 Winter Sailing Starts
2015-2016 Sailing Results
2016 Club Championship
2016 Club Championship Results and Report
2016 Feva Open and Training Weekend Oct 15/16
2016 Feva Open Meeting Results and Reportette
2016 Laser Open Report, Results & Pics
2016 RS200 Open Meeting Results, Report and Photos
2016 RS200 Open Meeting Sat 22 Oct
2016 Solo Open Results and Report
2016 Surrey Schools Regatta
2016 Topper SE Travellers Results
2016 Topper Winter Open Meeting
2016 Topper Winter Open Meeting Notice
2016 Topper Winter Open Results & Photos
2016-2017 Sailing Results
2017 Bloody Mary
2017 Club Championship, June 11th
2017 Laser Open, 17th June 2017
2017 Racing Rules
2017 Rules
2017 SAILING SCHOOL  - FUN DAY 2, Sept 24th
2017 Schools Open Regatta, 10 JUNE 2017
2017 Solo Open, 8th July 2017
2017 Streaker Open, 8th July 2017
2017-2018 Sailing Results
2018 AGM - February 4th at 2pm
2018 RS200 SEAS Open Results etc
2018-2019 Sailing Results
2019 - 2020 Open Winter Series
2019 - 2020 Sailing Results
2019 Aero Open Results and Info
2019 Aero Spring Championship
2019 Bart's Bash - September 16th
2019 Laser open meeting
2019 Solo Open - Saturday 28th September
2019 Topper Open - September 21st
2020 Solo Open at IBRSC
2020 - 2021 Sailing Results
2020 Annual General Meeting (AGM) Minutes, February 2nd
2020 Wednesday Evening Lockdown Series Final Results
2020/2021 Season - Open Meetings
2021 / 2022 Sailing Calendar
2021 AGM - Sunday 7th February
2021 Annual General Meeting (AGM) - Minutes
20th July Weds
20th September 2009 50th Anniversary Open Pursuit NoR
21st July three More Races
27th July Wednesday Evening
29Er Grand Prix At Island Barn Reservoir Sailing Club 29 30 May 2005
29r Open - 3rd May 2003
3rd October 2009 Laser Open Nor
45th Bloody Mary - Jan 12, 2019
5 is Back
50th Anniversary Day What A Great Day
50th Anniversary Race
50th Anniversary Race, July 2009
50th Anniversary Sailing-Race 2, 18 June 2014
50th Anniversary Team Pursuit Sept 2009 - Prize Giving
50th Anniversary Team Pursuit Sept 2009 - Race 1 (part a)
50th Anniversary Team Pursuit Sept 2009 - Race 1 (part b)
50th Anniversary Team Pursuit Sept 2009 - Race 2
50th Anniversary Team Pursuit Sept 2009 - Registration and Breifing
5th June - Who was that masked man anyway?
60th Anniversary Celebrations
8th June Wednesday Race
9th May Surrey Schools Regatta
A Good Day For IBRSC Solos
Accommodation Options Near IBRSC
Adult Improve Your Racing Skills - May, June and August
Adult RYA Powerboat & First Aid Courses
Adult TrySail (RYA Course)
Advanced Junior Sailing Coaching
Aero Afternoon
Aero and Phantom Open 2018
Aero Midweek Demo Session
Aero Open Meeting - 17 march
AGM - Sunday February 3rd 2019, at 2pm
Agm 12th February 2012 At 2pm
Agm Agenda 6th February 2011
All IBRSC Photos
All those strings
Anniversary Handicap April
Anniversary Handicap June
Anniversary Handicap May
Anniversary Pursuitfun Day 2011
Anniversary Race 16th August
Anniversary Race 18th October
Anniversary Race 19th July
Anniversary Race April
Anniversary Race April 2015
Anniversary Race May
Anniversary Race Sunday 17th May
Anniversary Race Sunday 19th April
Anniversary Race Sunday 21st June
Anniversary Series
Anniversary Series 2012 Final
Anniversary Series 2013 Final
Anniversary Series 20th May
Anniversary Series April
Anniversary Series August
Anniversary Series August (and RS demo?)
Anniversary Series August 2013
Anniversary Series July
Anniversary Series June
Anniversary Series May
Anniversary Series May 2014
Anniversary Series October And Last
Anniversary Series October And Roundup
Anniversary Series October.
Anniversary Series October/Finale
Anniversary Series September
Another Grey and Grim old Grimy Day (Weds Series Week 3)
April Anniversary Handicap
Arthur sailing his Foiling Moth - 2009
Asymmetric downwind sailing - Ben Kimbell
Attention Focused Elsewhere? Weds 10th August
August 3rd Wednesday Series
August Anniversary Handicap Race
August Anniversary Series Race
Autumn Working Party Report
Bar Rota/Committee Volunteers needed.
Bart's Bash - 17th September 2017
Bart's Bash - September 2014
Bart's Bash / Anniversary 20 Sept
Bart's Bash 20th Sept
Bart's Bash on Sunday 21st Sept
Bart's Bash Report, Photos and Full Results
Barts Bash 2014 - 24 September
BBQ & End of the Wednesday Evening Series
Beaufort Scale
Ben and Nic win Nacra 17 Miami World Cup
Ben Saxton/Nicola Groves : Nacra 17 European Champions 2015
Beware the Quagga
Black Wings? and Stilts??!? (Wednesday Series Week 2)
Bloody Mary IBRSC Results
Boat Hire
Boats We Allow At IBRSC
Bombay Sapphire Open Pursuit Race - 1st November 1997
Bonfire and Fireworks (PM) & Regatta U19s (AM)
Bonfire Night Regatta - 4th November 2017
Breakfast and Rugby World Cup Final - from 8am
Breezy Day - 23 June 2013
Breezy Day Photo Gallery
Breezy Day Photo Gallery...
Buying A Boat
Can Sail Cant Race Saturday 26 June
Capsize Recovery
CEILIDH - Saturday 23 November
Ceilidh - Saturday 24th November at 7pm
Change To the Sailing Programme
Children's & Sailing School Christmas Party 2012
Children's Christmas Party - 13th December
Children's Christmas Party 2019
Childrens And Sailing School Christmas Party 16th December
Childrens Christmas Party
Christmas 2013 at IBRSC
Christmas at Island Barn
Christmas Children's Party 17-12-2017
Christmas Mulled Wine - 13th December
Christmas Mulled Wine A Mince Pies December 16th
Christmas Mulled Wine And Mince Pies Sunday 18th 130pm
Christmas Mulled Wine, Mince Pies and Stilton
Christmas Programme, Sunday 16th December
Christmas Raffle Winners
Christmas Sailing School Party 2019
Christmas Wine And Champagne Hamper Raffle
Clear Out Of Kit
Clothing And Kit
Club Boats Update
Club Byelaws and Dogs
Club Championship
Club Championship 2015
Club Championship 2018 - 10th June
Club News - 2005
CLUB OPENING - Groups of 6, Training and Duty Teams
Club Opening - Sailing under the 2 boat rule
Club Opening Times
Club Racing 24 Nov 2012 | Gusts over 30 knots
Club Rules
Club Rules and Byelaws
Club Sailing 14th April 2013
Club Sailing 18 Feb 2013
Club Survey 2010
Clubhouse Redevelopment Grant Success
Clubhouse Redevelopment Plans
Cold Water Shock - Advice from the RNLI
Come Join Us
Coming Ashore
Committee Boat Capsize after January 2020 Storm
Committee Meeting - February 2019
COMMITTEE MEETING ON Monday 3rd June 2019: 19:30hrs @ Clubhouse
Commodores Day - 17th July 2016
Commodores Day - July 16th
Commodores Day - Results & Pirate Pics
Commodores Day - Sunday, July 14th
Commodores Day 17th July 2011
Commodores Day 2015
Commodores Day 2015 Photos
Commodores Day 2016
Commodores Day July 11th
Commodores Day Sunday 15 July
COMMODORES DAY, Sunday July 22 - 10.30-18.30
Confusing Situations
Coronavirus (COVID 19) Update 11/5/2020
Coronavirus (COVID 19) Update 17 October 2020
Coronavirus (COVID 19) Update 17/4/2020
Coronavirus (COVID 19) Update 3/4/2020
CORONAVIRUS (COVID 19)UPDATE 12 September 2020
Coronavirus (COVID 19)Update 26 July 2020
COVID - Important Changes To Sailing at IBRSC From Wednesday 16th
COVID Guidance update 5th January 2021
Covid Update - Club open with Tier 3 restrictions
COVID Update - Tier 4 safety precautions
Craftinsure Laser Open at Island Barn Reservoir Sailing Club, October 2005
Crash, Bang, Wallop
Crazy Gust Evening (Weds 22/5)
Cuckoo in the Nest - Wednesday 8th July
Cut The Grass
Cycle Disruption August 14 2011
D Zero Open Day
Damage To The Farside Of Island Barn Reservoir
Dear Wednesday Evening Sailors
December RS200 Winter Open Day 201112
Demon Shrimp
Dicken Maclean wins the Glyn Charles Memorial race for the 2nd time in a row
Dogs at the Club
Dolphins following the IBRSC Lasers at WPNSA
Drone footage of the racing 09/08/2015
Drone video footage of the sailing - 7th August 2016
Easter egg races
Easter Topper and Laser Junior Training
Elegy written on a Suburban Sailing Club
Eleventh Wednesday Race
Endeavour Championship 2009
Enter the 2012 RS200 Day Series Online
Enter the RS200 Day Series Online
Equality Policy
Faster Sailors...
February Half Term Topper Winter Coaching
Fence Free IBRSC
Festive Fun
Feva Open - October 2016
Feva Open 2012
Feva Open Meeting 2013
Feva Open Meeting NoR and Training Day 2015
Feva Open Training 22 23 January 2011
Feva Training Day
Film Night - Saturday 9th February
Final results of Laser spring series (Apr-June) 2001
Final Sailing Race of the 2009/10 Winter Series
Find Us By Public Transport
Finding Us By Car
Fireworks Party
First Choose Your Race
First Ever RYA Course at IBRSC
First Wednesday of 2019
Frequently Asked Questions
Friendly Friday # 2 - 31st May
Friendly Friday 1 - July 31st, from 6.30pm
Friendly Friday 2 - June 1st
Friendly Friday 2 - June 21st
Friendly Friday 4 - July 27th
Friendly Friday No 1 - April 26th at 7pm
Friendly Friday no.3 - 22nd June
Friendly Fridays
Friendly Fridays - April 27th at 7pm
Friendly Fridays No1 - April 27th at 7pm
FS Feva Open 2020 - AM Races
General Committee Meeting - 9 November 2020
General Committee Meeting - 13 July 2020
Getting Out Of Irons
Getting Ready To Pick Up The Main Anchors and Chain
Great Skua!
Gul RS200 Inland Champs At Grafham Water Sailing Club
Gusty Sunday
Gusty Sunday | 13 January 2013
Hampton Court Flower Show 8 – 13 July 2014
Handicap Fleet
Happy New Year
homepage content
Hot, or what? (Weds 17th July)
How Duties Are Allocated and Managed
How to find people to sail with under the boat rule
How To Find Us
How To Tie Popular Sailing Knots
How To Use the Radios
Howlin' and Moanin'
IBRSC - British Youth Sailing Recognised Club
IBRSC 2012 PY and Personal Handicap
IBRSC 2020 Topper Open - Results
IBRSC 60th BIRTHDAY - 3rd August
IBRSC COMMITTEE MEETING ON Monday 4th March 2019: 19:30hrs @ Club house
IBRSC COMMITTEE MEETING ON Monday 9th October 2017
IBRSC Committee: Minutes 10th April 2017
IBRSC is building a new Feva squad!
IBRSC Members Results Elsewhere
IBRSC Rtc Accreditation
IBRSC Sailing School Summer Camp Monday July 30 to Friday August 3
IBRSC Topper Open Meeting 2014
IBRSC Training Faq
IBRSC Virtual Regatta - Lockdown Sailing
IBRSC Virtual Regatta - Wednesday Series
IBRSC Water Bottles
IBRSC Will Be Open this Sunday
Important Update on Tier 4 COVID procedures at IBRSC - Travel to the club and duty roster
Inner and Outer Gate Codes
International Canoe Restoration Article By Jim Champ
Island Barn 5Oth Anniversary Pursuit Race Challenge Report
Island Barn from WOTSC to IBRSC
Island Barn Prize Winners Spring Summer 2009
Island Barn Reservoir SC To Host First Seas RS200 Open
Island Barn Series HC2 Winter 2001
Island Barn Youth Sailors - A great achievement in 2019
Island Barn's famous 'Barnstormer' Topper Winter Open
Island Barn’s 60th Anniversary Open
It must be the silly season (Wed 3 Aug) - updated
January 9th RS200 Race Postponed
January RS200 Winter Open Day 201112
Jim Champ's Photographs
Join the RYA Topper Zone Squad
July Anniversary Handicap
June Anniversary Series
Junior and Youth Open - June 22nd
Junior and Youth South East Open Regatta - June 9th
Junior Autumn Series
Junior Race Coaching Courses
Junior Regatta and Firework Party - 2nd November 2019
Junior Sailing School
Junior Sailing School Places
Keep Sailing - Professional Coaching at IBRSC
Killer Shrimp Important Notice
Laser 2015 Open Meeting Report and Photos
Laser Class Race Protest 12910
Laser Class Racing - January 2012
Laser Class Winter 2001 Final Results
Laser Coaching From Andy Kerr - August 10-14
Laser Fleet
Laser Late Winter Series Winter 2002
Laser Open (part 1) - August 30, 2014
Laser Open (part 2) - August 30, 2014
Laser Open (part 3) - August 30, 2014
Laser Open - 15th July 2019
Laser Open - 6 July 2013
Laser Open - August 29, 2015
Laser Open - July 2016
Laser Open - July 2016 continued
Laser Open - July 2016 Photos
Laser Open - October 2009
Laser Open - Sat, 16th June 2018
Laser Open - Sat, 18th June
Laser Open - September 2010
Laser Open 1st October 2011 NoR
Laser Open 2011
Laser Open 2012
Laser Open 2014
Laser Open 2018
Laser Open 2019
Laser Open 29th September 2012 NoR
Laser Open At Island Barn Reservoir Sailing Club October 2003
Laser Open At Island Barn Reservoir Sailing Club October 2004
Laser Open Meeting 2 Oct 2010
Laser Open Meeting 9th July
Laser Open Meeting NoR
Laser Open Meeting Report and Results 6 July 2013
Laser Open October 2006
Laser Open October 2007
Laser Open October 2008
Laser Open October 2nd 2010 NoR
Laser Open Race Report Island Barn RSC Saturday 3rd October 2009
Laser Open | September 2012 (part 1)
Laser Open | September 2012 (part 2)
Laser Open, 18th June
Laser Summer Series 2000
Laser World Masters
Lasers 2001
Last but one Wednesday, 2014
Last Wednesday 2011
Last Wednesday In June
Learn To Sail - Adult Courses
Leave or Stay? (Weds 22nd June)
LIFTING THE LOCKDOWN BLUES - Top talks to inspire you before we get back to real sailing ...
Limited Double-Handed Sailing at IBRSC
Little Darling, it feels like years since its been here... (Weds 20th)
Local Knowledge
Lockdown Sailing Series
London Youth Games At Island Barn Reservoir June 2003
Lost Property
Lunchtime Handicap Late Winter Series Winter 2002
Making the Boat Turn
Map Of the Reservoir
Match Racing & Round The Island
Match Racing and Round the Island - 3rd August
May 18th starting To Look Like A Series
Mayday Wednesday Series
Member Duties
Membership Pages
Membership Rates
Membership Types
Membership Website is back
Midsummer Special 2009
Midsummer Special June 2007
Mike Barnard's Last Training Officer's Report
Mind The (Smaller) Gap
Minutes - Sailing Committee Meeting 3/10/2018
Minutes - Sailing Committee Meeting - Nov 12, 2019
Minutes - Sailing Committee Meeting, 25th October 2017
Minutes from the 2019 AGM
Misty Pursuit Jan 6 2013
Misty Pursuit Race - 6th January 2013
Must be Holiday time - Weds 27th July
NACRA 17 2016 Worlds
Nancy Scott wins RYA SE Zone Topper Championships: Nicola Groves top Brit at 49erFX Worlds
National Lockdown - Suspension of all activities at IBRSC
National Solo Open Meeting July 2008
New Duty Notification and Swap System
New Duty Scheme 2014
New Photos for the Clubhouse?
New Ramp and Floating Boat Garage
New Year Solo News
New Year's Day - Hangover Regatta
New Years Day Hangover Regatta
News From Lake Garda
Nicola Groves Has Been Trialling the New RS900 Potentially the Ladies Olympic Skiff
Nicola Groves selected for Olympic Team
Nicola Groves Talk Sat Oct 22
Nicola's Helm
NoR - Match Race - Saturday 6th May 2017
Notice of New Anniversary Series 2013
Notice of the AGM - Sunday 2nd February 2020
November 2018 Bonfire Regatta
November Race Day Arrives But the Wind Didnt
October Working Party 2011
Olympic Cycle Race Road Closures Survey
Olympic Sailor Nicola Groves Returns to Home Club
Olympics 2000
Olympics Disruption
One to one personal tuition
Online Christmas Quiz Party - 13th Dec 8pm
Online Sailing Courses at IBRSC
Open Day - All Visitors Are Welcome
Open Day - Report
Optimist Wins!
Other Common Words A Phrases
Our Club Profile
Outboard Engines Care And Feeding
Overstanding/fetching the mark
Overstanding/fetching/;Not Fetching the mark
Penultimate Wednesday 2015
Penultimate Wednesday 9th
Penultimate Wednesday Race
Personal Handicap Changes
Personal Handicaps 2011
Personal Handicaps 2012
Personal Handicaps 2014
Personal Handicaps 2015
Peter Curtis & Sophie Jones win RS500 Inland Championships
Phantom / Aero Open 2017 - Results, News and some snapshots
Phantom and Aero Open 2018
Phantom Open - 21 June 2014
Phantom Open - 8 June 2013
Phantom Open - April 2012
Phantom Open meeting 17 March
Phantom Open Meeting 2012
Phantom Open Meeting 2014
Phantom Open Meeting Report & Results
Photograph Galleries From Island Barn Sailing Club
Photographs Of the Damage To the Reservoir And Club Racing In January
Photos From The Old IBRSC Website
Points Of Sailing
Powerboat Assessments
Powerboat Course (RYA PB2)
Powerboat Courses
Pre 2009 Photographs From The Sailing Club
Privacy Policy
Push the Boat Out Sat July 21
Quagga Mussel Biosecurity
Quiz Night - Saturday 12th October
Quiz Night - Saturday 13 October
Quiz Night 2018
Race Entry
Race Officers Guide
Racing For Beginners
Racing Handicaps
Racing Rules Of Sailing
Racing Training
Register For the Team Pursuit Online
Remeberance Sunday
Remembrance Sunday
Remembrance Sunday - 8th November
Report From Working Party
Resue Hints
Results Archive 2000-2006
Richardson A Groves strike Gold In Australia
Rock The Boat (Don't Rock The Boat Baby)
Round the Island
Round the Island 2012
Round the Island 2013
Round The Island 2014 Results and Report (updated Monday)
Round The Island 2015
Round The Island 2016
Round the Island Race 2012
Round The Island Race 2013
Round the Island Race Saturday, 29 July 2017
RS 200 Inland Championships - 24 October 2015
RS 200 SEAS Open Favourites - 17th October 2020
RS 200 SEAS Open Meeting 2017
RS Aero & Phantom Open - 17 March 2018
RS Aero & Phantom Open 2017
RS Aero + Phantom Open 2017 (Phantoms)
RS Aero Open & Spring Championship - 27 April
RS Aero Open 2019 - Gallery 1
RS Aero Open 2019 - Gallery 2
RS Aero World Championships August 2018
RS Aero/Phantom Open Meeting
RS Class Association Review Of the Seas Event
RS Feva At Island Barn Reservoir Sailing Club 22Nd And 23rd January
RS Feva Open (part 1) - October 2011
RS Feva Open (part 2) - October 2011
RS Feva Open - 10th October 2020
RS Feva Open - October 10th 2020 - Results
RS Feva Open 13 October 2012 NoR
RS Feva Open 2013
RS Feva Open 2020 - PM Races
RS Feva Open 2020 - Pre Race Set Up
RS Feva Open 8th October 2011 NoR
RS Feva Open April 2008
RS Feva Open Results October 2011
RS Feva Open Training 2011
RS Feva Open Training 2012
RS Feva Open | October 2012 (part 1)
RS Feva Open | October 2012 (part 2)
RS Feva Training
RS Feva will be back for the 2020 Sailing School
RS Games Report
RS200 - Training Day and End of Season Championships
RS200 200910 Winter Open Day Series NoR
RS200 2015 Inland Championships/SEAS Open Meeting Report & Results
RS200 Christmas Ice Skating and Party 2011
RS200 Class Racing
RS200 Fleet
RS200 Freezer Open Day 3 this Sunday
RS200 Freezer Open Finale to the 2012/13 Series
RS200 Freezer Series Day 4
RS200 Inland Championship - October 24, 2015
RS200 Inland Championship 2015 Prize Giving
RS200 Open and SEAS - 2016 1
RS200 Open and SEAS - 2016 2
RS200 Open NoR - October 27th
RS200 Open Results 2019
RS200 Open SEAS 2011 Event NoR
RS200 Open SEAS Event - 23 March 2013
RS200 Open SEAS Finale - October 19th 2019
RS200 OPEN SEAS Finale 2017 - 1
RS200 Open SEAS Finale 2017 - 2
RS200 Open SEAS Finale 2018
RS200 Sailing SEAS Open - March 2010
RS200 Sailing Training | December 2012
RS200 SEAS Finale 2019 - 1
RS200 SEAS Finale 2019 - 2
RS200 SEAS Finale 2019 - 3
RS200 SEAS Finale 2019 - IBRSC Team
RS200 SEAS Open (Part1) | March 2013
RS200 SEAS Open (Part2) | March 2013
RS200 SEAS Open - 15th March 2014
RS200 SEAS Open - 17th October 2020
RS200 SEAS Open - 17th October 2020
RS200 Seas Open 17 March 2012 NoR
RS200 SEAS Open 2013 Report
RS200 SEAS Open 2020 Results and Report
RS200 Seas Open At Island Barn Reservoir Sailing Club 2011
RS200 Seas Open First Event Report March 20th
RS200 SEAS Open Meeting
RS200 SEAS Open Meeting 2014
RS200 SEAS Open NoR - 28th October 2017
RS200 SEAS Open Online Entry
RS200 Seas Open Results Photos And Video 2012
RS200 SEAS Open Sailing Race - 17 March 2012
RS200 South East Area Series Event Seas Saturday 26th March
RS200 Training
RS200 Training - February 2012
RS200 Training Saturday 25 February 2012
RS200 Training Saturday 8th September 2012
RS200 Winter 'Freezer' Open Series
RS200 Winter 'Freezer' Open Series 2019-20
RS200 Winter Day Series 2009 - Day 1
RS200 Winter Day Series 2009 - Day 2
RS200 Winter Freezer - In the Snow - Jan 2013
RS200 Winter Freezer Open Series Day 3 Races 5 To 7
RS200 Winter Open Day Series 201112
RS200 Winter Open Series - NoR
RS200 Winter Open Series 2010 11
RS200 WINTER OPEN SERIES 2017 – 2018
RS400 Open Meeting - Sunday, 18th April 2004
RS400 Open Meeting 13th April 2003
RS400 Open Meeting 14 April 2002
RS400 Winter Open Series
RS500 Inland Championships 2013 - QMSC
RS500 Worlds
Rule 1 Its Only A Dinghy Race
Rules Around starting
RYA Affiliated Club
RYA Club of the Year Award - IBRSC
RYA Courses Powerboat 2
RYA Dinghy Instructor Course
RYA Dinghy Instructor Courses at IBRSC
RYA First Aid Course - February 25th
RYA First Aid Courses - January 2020
RYA First Aid Courses - May 2020
RYA Marine Radio Course - February 3rd
RYA Marine Radio Course - February 3rd 2019
RYA OnBoard - Island Barn Reservoir Sailing Club
RYA Power Boat 2 Registration
RYA Power Boat Level 2 - 1st & 8th June
RYA Powerboat and Safety Boat Courses 2020
RYA Powerboat Level 2 - Spring 2018 Courses
RYA Race Coach Course - March 9th-10th 2019
RYA Recognised Training Centre (RTC)
RYA Safety Boat Course
RYA Safety Boat Course , 12-13 October 2019
RYA Safety Boat Course - October 14th & 15th, 2017
RYA Safety Boat Registration
RYA South East Topper Zone Championships
RYA Topper Zone Squad Training 11 12 December
Safety And Rules Of the House
Safety Regulations
Sail For Gold Programme For the Day
Sailing A Course
Sailing Calendar
Sailing Calendar 2020-2021
Sailing Committee Minutes - February 2019
Sailing Committee - 9th September 2019
Sailing Committee - 9 July 2020
Sailing Committee Meeting - January 2018
Sailing Committee Meeting, 22nd June 2017
Sailing Downwind
Sailing In Light Airs
Sailing In The Snow December 2010
Sailing Instructions and Racing Rules
Sailing Instructions For Pursuit Races
Sailing School - 20 September 2011
Sailing School Christmas Party 2011
Sailing School Regatta - 30/9/2018
Sailing School Summer Camps - August 2019
Sailing Single Handed
Sailing Times
Sailing Tips and Guides
Sailing World Cup Weymouth - Gold Medal for Nicola Groves
Schools Open 2017, June 10th
Schools Open Regatta 5th May 2012
Schools Regatta Report
Scorpion Open 2004
Scorpion Open At Island Barn Reservoir Sailing Club May 2005
Scorpion Open At Island Barn Sailing Club May 2004
Scorpion Open May 2006
SE Topper Open Coaching event - Saturday 30th September
Seas First Event RS200 Open At Island Barn Reservoir
SEAS RS200 Open 2013 Full Results
See Us On the Woking News Website
Sekonda RS Feva Nationals At the Wpnsa Overall
September Anniversary Handicap
Seventh Week
Silver Medal for Nicola Groves in Miami
Social Saturdays
Solo 2009 10 Winter Open Series
Solo 2010 11Winter Open Day Series
Solo 2015 Open Meeting Report and Results
Solo and Streaker Open - 28 September 2019
Solo and Streaker Open Results - 28 September 2019
Solo and Streaker Open, 26 September 2020
Solo Coaching Sat 24 March With Jim Hunt
Solo Fleet
Solo News 02092009
Solo News 06072009
Solo News 09062009
Solo News 1 Feb
Solo News 1 Jan
Solo News 1 June 2011
Solo news 1 Mar
Solo news 1 May
Solo News 1 May 2011
Solo News 10 Apr 2011
Solo News 10 July
Solo News 10 Jun 2012
Solo News 10 Mar
Solo News 10 Nov
Solo News 101010
Solo News 11 July
Solo News 11 Oct
Solo News 11 Sept 2011
Solo News 111112
Solo News 12 Aug 2012
Solo News 12 Dec 2010
Solo News 12 June 2011
Solo news 12 Oct
Solo News 12 Sep 2010
Solo News 13 Feb 2011
Solo News 13 May 2012
Solo News 13072009
Solo news 14 Dec
Solo News 14 Feb 2010
Solo news 14 Jul
Solo News 14 Nov 14
Solo News 14 Nov 2010
Solo News 148 2011
Solo News 14909
Solo News 15 Apr 2012
Solo News 15 Aug
Solo News 15 July 2012
Solo News 15 Mar
Solo News 15 May 2011
Solo News 15 Nov 2009
Solo News 16 Jan 2011
Solo news 16 Mar
Solo News 16 May
Solo news 16 Nov
Solo news 16 Oct
Solo News 17 Apr 2011
Solo News 17 Apr 2011 b
Solo News 17 Feb 2013
Solo News 17 Jan 2010
Solo News 17 June
Solo news 17 Nov
Solo News 17 Nov
Solo News 17 Oct
Solo News 18 Apr 2010
Solo news 18 Jan
Solo News 18 Jul
Solo News 18 Nov 2012
Solo News 18 October
Solo News 18062009
Solo News 189
Solo News 19 Dec 2010
Solo news 19 Jan
Solo news 19 May
Solo News 19 Sept
Solo News 2 Dec 2012
Solo news 2 Feb
Solo News 2 Jan 2011
Solo News 2 May
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Solo Open At Island Barn Reservoir Sailing Club July 2003
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Some breeze at last (Weds 15th June)
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Stand Up Laser Sailing (October Training Week)
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Storm Ciara - Sunday, 9th February 2020
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Summer Special 13th June
Summer Special 2013 Photos and Results
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Summer Special Results and Report
Summer Special Results and Report 2010-11
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Surrey Schools Regatta 10 May 2008
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Surrey Schools Sailing Regatta May 2009
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Talent Show - What a Show!
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Team Pursuit September 25th 2011
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Team Pursuit With A Difference 26 September
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the 54th Annual General Meeting Sunday 3rd February 2pm
The Cold North Wind will blow again (Weds Week 6)
The Construction of the Reservoir
The Coot - July 24, 2014
The Coot...
The Dreadful Mists of the Ember (Weds 8th June)
The duty system - 2014
The Final Evening of Wednesday Series 2009
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The History of Island Barn Reservoir Sailing Club
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The New Fence Free Island Barn
The Octogenarians
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The Provisional Calendar for 2018/19
The RS 400 - A Modern Classic and growing Island Barn Fleet
this Seasons Championships Placings For IBRSC Sailors
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Thunder to right of them, Thunder to left of them (Wednesday Series 2016, Week One)
Tie It Down!
Topper 20-21 National Event at Draycote - October 4th, 2020
Topper 2015 SE Travellers Open Meeting Report and Results
Topper And Feva 2010 11 Winter Open Day Series
Topper Autumn Open Meeting
Topper Fleet
Topper Late Winter Series Winter 2002 Race 2
Topper Open & Traveller Decider 2017
Topper Open & Traveller Decider 2017 Photographs
Topper Open (part 1) - September 2011
Topper Open (part 2) - September 2011
Topper Open - 12th April 2014
Topper Open - 19th September 2020
Topper Open - Important Training For Sailing School Toppers
Topper Open - NoR - 9th September 2017
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Topper Open 17th September 2011
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Topper S.E. Winter Regatta
Topper S.E. Winter Regatta Open - 1 Feb 2020
Topper Se Area Winter Regatta
Topper Se Traveller September 26th 2006
Topper South East Championships September 2005
Topper Team Racing At Island Barn Reservoir Sailing Club June 2004
Topper Terrorisation for Beginners (Wed 12th June)
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Topper Winter Open - 29 Jan 2012
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Topper Winter Open 2016 (Jim Champ)
Topper Winter Open 2018
Topper Winter Open 29 January 2012
Topper Winter Regatta 24 Feb 2013
Toppper Open Training 26 February 2011
Traffic Jams Hampton Court Flower Show
Trailer Park Make Sure Your Trailer Has A Valid sticker By July 1st
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TrySail 2011 - Race Night and Certificates
TrySail 2012 - photos from the summer season
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Video of the 2017 Reservoir Repair Project
Video promoting the Club and youth sailing
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Virtual Quiz Night - April 24th at 8pm
Volvo Rya Champion Sailing Club
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