Island Barn Reservoir Sailing Club

Results compiled 16 Oct. 2014

15215Gareth Griffiths621/62/81/61/61/61/51/4/1/71/51/53/4
25466Paul Playle47/1/9/2/5/2/11//2/9/3/52/8
33457Mervyn Cinnamond463/44/6//2/74/92/6/DNF2/7/4/6
43270Chris Biscomb434/36/42/5/6/33/10//4/73/65/39/2
54193Ian Peace39/8/23/4DNF5/45/85/63/46/56/36/2/
64173Dave Lawton34////3/69/43/84/3DNF5/54/47/3
75500Mark Ampleford32/3/7/3/4/OOD//3/9//1/10
84073Peter Cottrell31/5/5//4/58/56/5//4/6/6/5
93365Frank Beanland27/////6/74/7///2/75/6
103861David Clark195/27/3DNFDNF7/211/2/5/28/48/2//
113174Roy Poole13///////1/65/7///
124647Lipscombe, Mike11/////7/6/2/5////
123854Ben Russell11//////8/3//7/37/28/3
141193Tony Sproat7/////10/37/4/////
153365Tom Russell52/5///////////
154071Peter Halliday5////////7/5///
172042John Carpenter3//DNF///9/2/////
183030Tony Tahourdin2/////////OOD//

O League Scoring System (Place/Points)
O Factor : 20

Understanding O league results: Points are scored for every race you enter. In a race you score a point for starting plus a point for each person that you beat who is not more than a certain number of points - the O factor - behind you in the series at that point.

IBRSC O League Scoring System by Jim Champ/Gareth Griffiths
Presentation copied from Sailwave