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RS400 Fleet

  • RS 400 Tips and Tricks
    2nd May 2021
    Here are some key takeaways from our training day with Rich AshwellBOAT SET UP- Mark kite halyard to allow crew to know when it is fully up.- Adjust outhaul length so it can be flicked off and automatically goes to downwind setting- Move toe straps inboard to allow calves to be clear of the side deck.MAST SET UP- Spreader depth 140mm- Spreader length 405mm (415mm for heavier crew), measured to mast wall.- Shrouds, drop 1/2 a hole for windy weather and a further half for really windy.- Mast ram n...

    RS 400 Calendar and Upcoming Events
    20th April 2021
    Wednesday Evening RS 400 SeriesWe are looking to run a separate set of results within the Wednesday evening series, and under the same set of rules (including discards) as the Wednesday evening.  We have had some great evenings training already, so really looking forward to close competitive racing, to see who is crowned the Wednesday evening RS 400 Champion.  May the best crew winRS400 Training Day 1 MayWe have secured the services of one of the RS400 association coaches (Rich Ashwell...

    RS400 Blog
    8th April 2021
    19 May 2021 - The RS 400 fleet at Island Barn has grown from two boats to nine in the last 3 years. Why? The RS 400 is a performance double hander ideally suited to our bit of water. The boat is big enough to have two grown-ups sailing it competitively in reasonable comfort yet light enough that we can get it up and down the steep sides of the reservoir. They have been around for 25 odd years so there is a ready supply of reasonably priced second-hand boats. They last well and are quit...

    The RS 400 - A Modern Classic and growing Island Barn Fleet
    8th February 2021
    We now have 6 RS400s at Island barn who sail regularly,  with others interested in the boat.  Please speak to Douglas Clow  (email if you are interested in joining the fleet, or even crewing.Nothing matches the RS400s balanced and responsive handling, its good manners in big breeze and the excitement of asymmetric racing in big fleets. Great sailing that delivers every time – In light winds and strong. One of the success stories of modern racing clas...