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    Working party at island barn reservoir sailing club

    We are not a 7 days a week commercial venture like some sailing clubs. We rely on volunteers to make the place run. Volunteer teams open the Club, run racing, provide safety cover, feed and water the masses and do all the odd jobs that always need doing. Carrying out team and fleet duties and assisting at working parties is not just a condition of membership, but also the only way that the club can operate effectively. It also keeps our fees down.
    The Saturday and Sunday racing and sailing are covered by a formal duty system that all members participate in. Wednesday evening racing is provided by a volunteer roster of the Wednesday sailors. Open Meetings are rostered by class sailors on the basis that another class is volunteering when it comes to your own class Open Meeting. TrySail, Junior Sailing School and RYA courses are all run by volunteers who offer their time in addition to the standard duty system.
    For the 2014/15 season we have changed the way the duty system operates with the aim of:
    1. REDUCING the number of duties per member
    2. REDUCING duty hours on a Summer Sunday afternoon
    3. INCREASING the involvement of non sailing parents of Juniors who are at the Club anyway
    3. Allowing members a degree of flexibility to CHOOSE when they do their duties
    4. Allowing members to CHOOSE what role they perform depending on their skill, experience and preference
    We have also changed the system we use to manage and swap duties. This is now run directly off the Club membership site.
    At current levels of membership, the duty committment for all members is approximately one summer Sunday, one winter Sunday and one Saturday afternoon. Many members volunteer to do much more than this. 
    How Duties Are Allocated and Managed 
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