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Racing News

  • Racing News

    All the news articles about racing at the club are found here

    Eric Twiname 2022 - 1

    Eric Twiname Championships, Rutland

    congratulations to our Topper fleet who competed in last weekend's Eric Twiname Championships at Rutland. Lilly Browning won the event overall with another amazing performance and together - the IB team of Leah, Gloria, Emily, Leo, Lucas, Rory, Will and Piotr (and Edward and Sam in Oppies) helped Lo...

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    ibrsc topper nationals draycote

    Topper 20-21 National Event at Dray

    Congratulations to our Island Barn Reservoir SC team at the first of the Topper 2020/21 National events, at Draycote, (where about 11% of competitors were from Island Barn!) IB placings included: * First in 4.2s - Samson Cross * Second overall - Antonio Pascali (5.3) * Fifth overall - E...

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    laser sailing at island barn reservoir sailing club

    2020 Wednesday Evening Lockdown Ser

    Despite the woeful forecasts earlier in the week last night saw the final Wed evening race with a ...

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    end of wednesday series bbq

    BBQ & End of the Wednesday Evening

    Join us in the final Wednesday Evening Race of 2020 & then enjoy a BBQ watching the sun set ov...

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    topper winter open 2020

    Island Barn's famous 'Barnstormer'

       We're all looking forward to the Topper Open       We will be run...

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    open winter sailing

    2019 - 2020 Open Winter Series


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    Island Barn’s 60th Anniversary Open10 September 2019
    Match Racing and Round the Island - 3rd August26 July 2019
    First Wednesday of 201918 April 2019
    45th Bloody Mary - Jan 12, 201912 January 2019
    Sailing School Regatta - 30/9/201830 September 2018
    Update from the Curtises29 September 2018
    Summer of Champions19 August 2018
    Match Racing & Round The Island18 July 2018
    The Club Championship 2022 - 29th May07 June 2018
    Junior and Youth South East Open Regatta - June 9th26 May 2018
    Aero Open Meeting - 17 march01 March 2018
    Bonfire Night Regatta - 4th November 201705 November 2017
    Commodores Day - Results & Pirate Pics17 July 2017
    Well Done To IBRSC's young sailors at the 2017 RYA 31st Eric Twiname Championships09 May 2017
    Wednesday Evening Series 201722 April 2017
    Ben and Nic win Nacra 17 Miami World Cup30 January 2017
    2017 Bloody Mary09 January 2017
    2017 Rules26 September 2016
    RYA South East Topper Zone Championships25 September 2016
    TrySail/TryRace Race evening04 August 2016
    RS500 Worlds02 August 2016
    Round The Island 201626 July 2016
    2017 Racing Rules05 July 2016
    Optimist Wins!27 June 2016
    2016 Club Championship Results and Report13 June 2016
    Sailing World Cup Weymouth - Gold Medal for Nicola Groves11 June 2016
    2016 Club Championship07 June 2016
    Easter egg races27 March 2016
    NACRA 17 2016 Worlds14 February 2016
    Crash, Bang, Wallop24 January 2016
    Sunday 10th...10 January 2016
    Happy New Year05 January 2016
    Sunday 27 dec27 December 2015
    Festive Fun22 December 2015
    5 is Back14 December 2015
    Win-d Pursuit11 December 2015
    Howlin' and Moanin'30 November 2015
    Wot no 5?22 November 2015
    Great Skua!16 November 2015
    2015 Winter Sailing Starts09 November 2015
    2015 Prize Winners27 October 2015
    2015 RS200 Inland Championships16 October 2015
    Nicola's Helm13 October 2015
    Ben Saxton/Nicola Groves : Nacra 17 European Champions 201503 October 2015
    Bart's Bash / Anniversary 20 Sept23 September 2015
    Round The Island 201501 August 2015
    Club Championship 201508 June 2015
    2015 Club Championship04 June 2015
    A Good Day For IBRSC Solos21 April 2015
    Personal Handicaps 201516 April 2015
    Faster Sailors...29 March 2015
    Silver Medal for Nicola Groves in Miami31 January 2015
    Sunday's Racing28 November 2014
    Bart's Bash Report, Photos and Full Results21 September 2014
    Laser Open Meeting NoR20 August 2014
    2014 Commodore's Day Open Pursuit Races and Party18 June 2014
    2014 Club Championship Report & Results09 June 2014
    Club Championship02 June 2014
    TryRace 2014 resumes May 2730 April 2014
    Solo Spring Championship07 April 2014
    Winter Season Prize Winners30 March 2014
    Well Done Nicola03 February 2014
    Peter Curtis & Sophie Jones win RS500 Inland Championships13 October 2013
    Feva Open Meeting 201313 October 2013
    Nancy Scott wins RYA SE Zone Topper Championships: Nicola Groves top Brit at 49erFX Worlds30 September 2013
    Round the Island 201304 August 2013
    Round The Island Race 201326 July 2013
    Breezy Day Photo Gallery23 June 2013
    2013 Summer Special04 June 2013
    TryRace30 May 2013
    2013 Wednesday Series Starts22 April 2013
    Notice of New Anniversary Series 201316 April 2013
    Breezy Day Photo Gallery...14 April 2013
    10th March10 March 2013
    Gusty Sunday27 January 2013
    Bloody Mary IBRSC Results12 January 2013
    Sunday 6th Jan 201306 January 2013
    Welcome To the Winter Series07 November 2012
    2013 Rules study Version26 September 2012
    2012 Team Pursuit Race Report11 September 2012
    Team Pursuit Sunday 9th September08 September 2012
    2013-2016 Racing Rules Available06 September 2012
    Summer Special Results and Report22 June 2012
    Wednesday Evening Series 201225 April 2012