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Sail Racing Techniques and Tips for Beginners

This information is to help non-racing IBRSC members (and of course new members for the club) to join in the fun on Saturdays, Sundays and Wednesdays. This is not a racing tutorial, more of a survival guide to let you get a taste for it all.

Dinghy racing is a great deal of fun, and there's no better way to improve your sailing. The sport is equal for all ages, shapes and sizes, and a handicap system allows different types of boats to race each other. Even the least competitive of personalities will soon find themselves drawn in. IBRSC is a friendly fleet and always welcomes new racers.

To start racing, all you need is reasonable control over your dinghy, and understanding of the basic rules.

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1st choose your race
start types
start procedure
survival tactics
rule 1 its only a dingy race
confusing situations
overstanding fetching the mark

Overstanding/fetching the mark21 April 2016
Conclusion14 September 2009
Confusing Situations14 September 2009
Rule 1 Its Only A Dinghy Race14 September 2009
Survival Tactics For Newcomers14 September 2009
start Procedure14 September 2009
start Types14 September 2009
First Choose Your Race14 September 2009