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Training Guides For Sailing

  • ​​​​​​​Here are the IBRSC training guides. 

    These are based on sylabus taught in our Sailing Schools, TrySail and our RYA courses.

    TrySail Training Videos 
    Clothing And Kit 
    Making the Boat Turn 
    Tacking Centre Mainsheet 
    Tacking Revision 
    Points Of Sailing 
    Sailing Downwind 
    the Five Essentials Of Sailing 
    Tacking Smoothly 
    Sailing A Course 
    Capsize Recovery 
    Coming Ashore 
    Getting Out Of Irons 
    Sailing In Light Airs 
    How To Tie Popular Sailing Knots 
    Sailing Single Handed 
    Racing Rules Of Sailing 
    Racing For Beginners 
    Beaufort Scale 
    Tacking Aft Mainsheet 
    Buying A Boat