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Open Meetings

2019 Open Meetings

Visitors are most welcome to these Open events.

For more information on forthcoming Open Meetings follow the links to NoR where posted. Results and reports from past events can be found in the Open Meeting Results section.                                                             

Racing SeriesDate

Topper Winter OpenSaturday 16 February 2019

RS Aero Spring ChampionshipsSaturday 27 April 2019

Push the boat outSaturday 11 May 2019

Laser OpenSaturday 15 June 2019

Schools RegattaSaturday 22 June 2019Junior sailing regatta
Topper OpenSaturday 21 September 2019
Solo / Streaker OpenSaturday 28 September 2019
RS200 OpenSaturday 19 October 2019South East Area Series (SEAS)
Topper Winter OpenTBC February 2019

Feva OpenTBC

History of Open Events at Island Barn Reservoir Sailing Club

2017 Solo Open, 8th July 2017 
2017 Streaker Open, 8th July 2017 
2017 Laser Open, 17th June 2017 
2017 Schools Open Regatta, 10 JUNE 2017 
2016 RS200 Open Meeting Sat 22 Oct 
2016 Feva Open and Training Weekend Oct 15/16 
Laser Open Meeting 9th July 
Solo Open Meeting 2nd July 
2016 Topper Winter Open Meeting 
2015 RS200 Open Meeting and Inland Championships 
2015 Feva Open Meeting Notice Of Race 
Topper Autumn Open Meeting 
2015 Schools Regatta 
2015 Solo Open Meeting 
2015 Topper Winter Open Meeting 
2014 Solo Open Meeting 
2014 Feva Open Meeting and Training Weekend 
2014 Laser Open Meeting 
2014 Commodore's Open Day 
2014 Phantom Open Meeting 
2014 Surrey Schools Regatta 
2013 Solo Open Meeting 
2013 Topper Open Meeting 
2013 Feva Open Meeting and Training 
2013 Laser Open Meeting 
2013 Surrey Schools NoR 
2013 Phantom SI 
2013 Phantom NoR 
RS200 Open SEAS Event - 23 March 2013 
Topper Open Training Saturday 23rd February 
Topper Winter Regatta 24 Feb 2013 
RS Feva Open 13 October 2012 NoR 
RS200 Winter 'Freezer' Open Series 
Laser Open 29th September 2012 NoR 
Topper Open September 22nd 
Solo Open 30th June 2012 
Schools Open Regatta 5th May 2012 
Enter the 2012 RS200 Day Series Online 
Topper Winter Open 29 January 2012 
RS200 Seas Open 17 March 2012 NoR 
RS Feva Open Training 2012 
Enter the RS200 Day Series Online 
RS Feva Open Training 2011 
RS200 Winter Open Day Series 201112 
RS Feva Open 8th October 2011 NoR 
Laser Open 1st October 2011 NoR 
Topper Open 17th September 2011 
Solo Open 9th July 2011 
Summer 2011 RS200 Mini Open Series 
RS200 Open SEAS 2011 Event NoR 
Toppper Open Training 26 February 2011 
Feva Open Training 22 23 January 2011 
RYA Topper Zone Squad Training 11 12 December 
Solo 2010 11Winter Open Day Series 
Topper And Feva 2010 11 Winter Open Day Series 
RS200 Winter Open Series 2010 11 
Laser Open October 2nd 2010 NoR 
Topper Open September 18th 2010 
Solo Open July 10th 2010 
Surrey Schools Regatta May 8th 2010 
Seas First Event RS200 Open At Island Barn Reservoir 
Topper Open Training 28112009 
Solo 2009 10 Winter Open Series 
RS200 200910 Winter Open Day Series NoR 
3rd October 2009 Laser Open Nor 
20th September 2009 50th Anniversary Open Pursuit NoR 
19th September 2009 Topper Open NoR Results 
9th May Surrey Schools Regatta 
Surrey Schools Meet May 09