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Island Barn Reservoir Sailing Club - Club House

Island Barn Reservoir Sailing Club welcomes  new members of all ages.  Whether you are individual, family, novice or expert seeking all year membership, Wednesdays nights only or just membership for the winter we have the solution.  If you haven't sailed before then try our training schemes before joining the club.  See our facilities page to find out what we can offer in addition to the great sailing.

Joining the club is simple through our online membership site. See below for more details about our types of membership, rates, FAQs etc.   If you are a member, access the online membership site for the membership directory, boat directory and duty team list.

Quick Guide to Joining

More information on Membership:

Winter Membership 2017 - 201811 November 2017
Boat Hire25 September 2009
Membership Classes08 September 2009
Membership Rates08 September 2009
Member Duties08 September 2009
Application 08 September 2009
Frequently Asked Questions08 September 2009