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Some breeze at last (Weds 15th June)

  • Has it been a wet late spring or what? Wet on Wednesdays anyway. It was chucking down with rain half the day today, but come the evening, as also has seemed to be the case on several occasions this year, there were ominous looking cumulus clouds to north and south, but a relatively clear alley upwind of the club. And so it turned out, with no rain anywhere near and a very pleasant sailing evening. At rigging time there was what looked like a rather generous breeze, enough to put me off from rigging my antique boat, but in the end it settled down to a nice moderate racing breeze.

    So, course. I've just realised that I forget to make a note of the course. Sorry. It had at least one beat and run and some reaches in it, but then they mostly do. The starts were mostly notable for some dualling between Evan Cairns (Solo) and Kevin Pearson (Laser) which Kevin eventually lost and was pushed way over/past the line and had to return to start properly. This week the first start was well populated, and the second start a bit thin, although it was good to say three RS200s out. The majority of boats from the first start were well bunched, and having a pretty tight race. The fast fleet didn't seem to be cutting through quite the way it might though. Harry Curtis, sailing, in the enforced absence of his father, an RS200 with James driving, looked pretty well placed, as did Paul W/Anderson's Aero, but Evan's Solo, looked the best of the bunch, although Kevin was making a good recovery from the abuse on the start line.

    Further into the race there was the odd gust compressing the fleet on the downwind legs, and on the whole it all looked like good tight and enjoyable racing. The results are here. Evan took the win, Kevin 2nd, Paul Wright Anderson third and the team Curtis tied for 4th with Kim Gavin in a Laser. K Power (sorry, don't have a first name) in a Solo rounded out the top 6.  The personal handicap went to Ben Russell, followed by Andrew Jones and Mr Power, all in Solos. Ching and Elinor took 4th in their Feva. followed by Mike Barratt and Simon Percival.

    I suppose we can start thinking about overall results now. Its already hard to see past Gareth Griffiths for the series, not only because he's scored so many wins, but also because the next group are so very very even. Evan has two wins and is 2nd, Kevin 1 and is third, while Andy Barnett has a string of seconds for 4th place. Note that, because it makes sorting out the results for the RYA returns so much easier, I won't be combining results for appearances in different boats until near the end of the series.

    The personal handicap looks wide open at the moment. No-one has scored more than one win in any one boat, although I note that the Wong sisters have three wins in three different permutations of boats and crews!

    BTW if anyone is wondering, last week's piece was supposed to be a parody of Victorian gothic horror in general and H.P. Lovecraft in particular. Its not actually a genre I read, but the mist spreading round the reservoir banks was so reminiscent of a certain style of film (think Carry on Screaming) I thought I'd have a go and hope it was amusing.


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