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The Cold North Wind will blow again (Weds Week 6)

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And it did. And it was cold too, but after a miserable wet day - at least where I was, it was good that the rain held off. At rigging time some of the gusts were pushing 20 knots, but the race was more 10 to 15, but very welcome. There was a bit of a shortage of lonely travellers, probably because of the aforesaid rain, but in the end it was a decent evening's racing, and if you were chilly there was hot cottage pie in the clubhouse afterwards...

Lots of regular faces missing this week, I think there were some competing events. Evan Cairns led away from the first start, clearly determined to take advatage of the lack of chocolate bar...  Maisie Bristow was seen going notably quickly round the first lap in her Topper, hanging on well to Lasers and Solos. Mike Storey was similarly going for it from the secomd start, keeping well up with the RS400.

There were a number of new racers out tonight which was good to see, and the turnout was rather better than the results suggestsed since several boats elected not to race but simply have a blast around the reservoir to enjoy the breeze. 

Results are here. Evan won by quite a margin in the end, with Mike 2nd. 3rd was Jamie Scott in his elderly Laser, which I hope was a welcome result, and 4th Maisie Bristow. Maisie took the personal handicap win by over two minutes, and deserved to.