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... with bruised knees (Wednesday Week 4)

  • Sorry we're late this week, been a strange couple of days.

    Another fairly ominous kinda forecast, with rain earlier in the day and plenty of cloud about. Anyway, rigged the Moth, and decided, since I've removed the traveller and various other skin hostile bits I could sail it without a wetsuit. So channelling Anna McGarrigle in the title... But it was a nice evening, we didn't get rained on, and there was anough breeze to make things interesting and more than interesting when I mistimed the first lap gybe... 

    So, yes, westerly breeze, beat, close reach, deep reach, close reach back to the start, a nice blast around. Enough breeze for the lighter singlehanders at least to plane, or at least well into forced mode, as Bethwaite calls it. 

    At this distance to be honest I don't recall too much about the race, so here are the results. Gareth won (again), with Andy Barnett 2nd, Kevin Pearson 3rd, Mike Curtis 4th, Paul Playle 5th and Tom Wilson 6th. Kiyo Wong won the personal handicap again, this time in a Feva, followed by Mike JOnes, Carline BaldwinAndrew Jones Andy Barnett and Ben Russell.

    Well, 4 races down. Is there some form? I'll say. Looks like that Aero of Gareth's is going to be a major problem for everyone else. Gareth took his third win from three starts, and by a good margin.Thereafter its really close. But we shall see.

    We're very short on duty team volunteers, please sign up folks.