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Midsummer Special June 2007


    Midsummer Special
    Sunday 17th June saw the Island Barn Reservoir Sailing Club midsummer special event, incorporating the annual Juniors, Masters and Veterans trophy races, plus an open category for those who didn't fit in to the other three. There were two races scheduled with aggregate scores from the two being used to determine the winners. The day was muggy with a very light and variable wind, which filled in to provide a decent South Westerly breeze just before the start of the first race.
    Separate fleet starts were abandoned for the day, giving the 24 boats a mass start on a rather short start line, which certainly found out those who weren't concentrating hard, especially as the wind swung hard to the port end in the last 30 seconds. Dicken Maclean, a Junior, got the best start sailing an RS200 with his Mum, and was first to the first mark, hotly pursued by a stream of Lasers and the Albacore of Graham Potter. Dicken kept up his pace to lead the fleet for the whole race, although the wind became more patchy as the race progressed. Close behind the Lasers were the Veteran Peter Cottrell, 74, in a Solo and Peter Curtis with his son James in a Feva. The format for the Veterans (over 50's) part of the event meant that individuals were given a benefit to their handicap depending on their age. Peter Cottrell didn't really need this helping hand and easily won this category. Peter Curtis won the Masters and the Open categories and Dicken Maclean the Juniors.
    Race 2 had better wind for the first half of the race, but this died rather suddenly half way through the second lap. Peter Curtis made an excellent start, along with the oldest sailor in the fleet, Frank Beanland. Dicken Maclean got rather stuck in the middle of the pack and took some time to work his way out, although he still made it first to the first mark. The change of course from the first race led to some different choices on the first true run of the day, with most of the pack choosing to follow the RS200 to the left of the course. Curtis in the Feva and Mark Taylor in an RS600 went right and got a very nice puff that pulled them up a number of places. Frank Beanland maintained his form and was in the middle of the pack of Lasers in his supposedly slower Solo. After the wind died on the second lap it returned from a different direction that turned the race into a bit of a procession. 
    This didn't prevent Frank Beanland and Peter Cottrell (80 and 74
    remember) having a bit of a tussle that led to Peter having to take penalty turns for illegally blocking Frank. The outcome was that Frank won the Veterans race and the overall prize. Peter and James Curtis took the Masters and Open categories again and Dicken Maclean the Juniors.
    In the overall standings Frank Beanland won the Veterans event, with Peter Cottrell taking second and winning the over 70's prize as a consolation and John Magrath the over 60's prize. Peter Curtis won the Masters category, with Paul Wright-Anderson, newly qualified as a Master (at age 40), taking second. Dicken Maclean took the Junior prize, with Tom Newman and Kirsty Mackie in equal second place. In the open category Peter Curtis was the clear winner with a three way tie for second place. The tie was broken in favour of Frank Beanland, who had an excellent day's racing.
    The event was finished off with a high quality buffet lunch enjoyed by all. The competitors ranged in age from 11 to 80, with both the youngest and the oldest winning prizes. Sailing once again proved itself to be a sport for all the generations.
    1 Frank Beanland (80) - Solo
    2 Peter Cottrell (74) - Solo (1st over 70 not to win a trophy)
    3 John Magrath (69) - Laser (1st over 60 not to win a trophy)
    4 Graham Potter (68) & Angela Potter - Albacore
    1 Peter Curtis (44) and James Curtis - Feva
    2 Paul Wright-Anderson (40) - Laser
    3 Rob Mattingly (42) - Laser
    4 Dave Simpson (49) - Laser
    1 Dicken Maclean (17) and Rachel Maclean - RS200 2= Tom Newman (15) - Topper 2= Kirsty Mackie (11) - Topper
    Open Category
    1 Peter and James Curtis - Feva
    2 Frank Beanland - Solo
    3 Peter Cottrell - Solo
    4 Dicken Maclean