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Laser Open October 2008



    18 10 08
    It was hard to believe we were in the second half of October. Blue sky and a gentle Force 3 being shifted this way and that by lines of white cumuli made for a perfect days tactical racing. The balmy conditions kept shortie wetsuits and sun-cream in use for another weekend and allowed the full programme of 5 races to be run with ease.
    The sun and breeze brought out a fleet of 16 visitors that both outnumbered and out-sailed the home fleet. In all, 31 boats came to the start for Race 1.
    Race 1
    Papercourt youth Aaron Smith in a Radial was recalled, but the rest got away cleanly.
    Island Barn's Paul Wright-Anderson and Colin Smith from Papercourt match-raced round the first 2 laps, never more than 2 boat lengths apart. But match racing is usually not quick and this pair allowed Graham Lund from Broxbourne to take advantage of a shift to the right on the final beat and take first. Colin Smith won the 'match race' and Wright-Anderson came in third.
    Race 2
    Not deterred by the individual recall on Race 1, a quarter of the fleet committed mass hara-kiri in Race 2 but luckily for them all racers were called back. The I-flag worked wonders and perfect restraint was exercised by all in the second start. Colin Smith again became engaged in a 2 boat duel - this time with Ben Elvin from Wembley. In lap 1, Smith led, Elvin second. In lap 2 Elvin led, Smith second. By the finish, Smith had regained the lead, beating Elvin by 2 boat lengths. Graham Lund almost repeated his first race catch-up trick, recovering from sixth to fourth after 2 laps, but had to settle for a third at the finish.
    Aaron Smith did well to finish fourth in a Radial.
    At lunch Colin Smith led on 3 points, with Lund second on 4, Elvin third on 6. These three looked the class acts.
    Race 3
    The impatience of youth was apparent again. Aaron Smith was again recalled after coming off worst in a pin-end scrum on a biased line. Coaches tell you to avoid these melees and Graham Lund did just that by coming off the middle of the line at speed, negating the bias in ten seconds of fast, clear air sailing. He led from start to finish. Colin Smith had a shocker, finishing in eighteenth.
    Race 4
    For Graham Lund, this was a carbon copy of Race 3. After another perfect mid line start, by half way up the first beat he was leading. This time, in clear air, he stamped his authority on the fleet and stretched his lead to half a leg by the end, deservedly taking the Open Trophy with an unassailable three firsts and a third.
    Colin Smith, keen to make amends for Race 3, was (it seems) over enthusiastic at the windward mark and, coming in with no rights, on port tack, was protested by Ben Elvin. Smith later magnanimously retired, thereby negating his chance of finishing in the top two.
    Race 5
    With nobody now able to beat Graham Lund for first and Ben Elvin for second, the final race would settle third place. The wind went left fifteen degrees in the last 2 minutes of the start sequence, making the port end highly favoured. Dave Goddard from Bewl Valley made a perfect pin end start and led at the end of Lap 1. Colin Smith overhauled him in Lap 2 and though closely challenged by Ben Elvin in the final lap, held on to win and salvage something from a day that might have been much better. Dave Goddard's third in this race secured for him the final podium place, beating Smith (fourth) by 5 points.
    Aaron Smith deserves a mention for finishing 9th overall in a Radial, a result that could have been much better had it not been for his two individual recalls.
    1st    Full Rig           Graham Lund                 Broxbourne SC
    2nd   Full Rig           Ben Elvin                        Wembley SC
    3rd    Full Rig           David Goddard               Bewl Valley SC
    4th    Full Rig           Colin Smith                     Papercourt SC
    5th    Full Rig           Kevin Pearson                Thames SC
    1st    Radial             Aaron Smith                    Papercourt SC
    1st    Island Barn     Paul Wright-Anderson    IBRSC
    1st    Youth              Aaron Smith                    Papercourt SC


    Overall Results:

    Pos Rig Sail No Helm Club R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 Pts
    1st Full Rig 172351 Graham Lund Broxbourne SC 1 3 1 1 -7 6
    2nd Full Rig 192845 Ben Elvin Wembley SC -4 2 2 3 2 9
    3rd Full Rig 186948 David Goddard Bewl Valley SC 5 -6 4 5 3 17
    4th Full Rig 193497 Colin Smith Papercourt SC 2 1 18 (RAF) 1 22
    5th Full Rig 178519 Kevin Pearson Thames SC -13 5 3 8 8 24
    6th Full Rig 190719 John Peck Silver Wing SC 6 -9 7 4 9 26
    7th Full Rig 193710 Peter Chaplin Burghfield SC 8 7 6 -14 5 26
    8th Full Rig 170487 Paul Wright-Anderson Island Barn RSC 3 -13 9 9 6 27
    9th Radial 184351 Aaron Smith Papercourt SC -16 4 15 7 4 30
    10th Full Rig 155849 Pete Roberts Silver Wing SC 10 11 8 2 -14 31
    11th Full Rig 140100 Daniel Francis Papercourt SC 9 -15 5 10 13 37
    12th Full Rig 177568 Calvin Merry Queensmead SC 7 16 11 6 -18 40
    13th Full Rig 180382 Andrew Barnett Island Barn RSC 14 8 10 -18 12 44
    14th Full Rig 180441 Tony Butler Island Barn RSC 18 -19 13 15 10 56
    15th Full Rig 152767 Mark Taylor Island Barn RSC 11 18 -21 13 19 61
    16th Full Rig 167943 John Leheup Island Barn RSC 15 14 16 -19 16 61
    17th Full Rig 166483 Stephen Day Island Barn RSC (DNC) DNC 12 11 11 66
    18th Full Rig 44519 Alistair Maclean Island Barn RSC -23 12 14 21 20 67
    19th Full Rig 192821 Roger Kirke Queensmead SC 17 21 17 12 -23 67
    20th Full Rig 168115 John Magrath Island Barn RSC 21 10 25 16 (DNC) 72
    21st Full Rig 140044 Dave Bean Island Barn RSC 20 22 -24 17 15 74
    22nd Full Rig 136401 Terry McCarthy Island Barn RSC 12 24 22 20 (DNC) 78
    23rd Radial 165219 Catherine Whitehill Papercourt SC 19 20 19 -23 21 79
    24th Full Rig 142039 John Griifiths Queensmead SC -29 17 29 24 17 87
    25th Full Rig 141102 Rodger Stafford Island Barn RSC 22 23 23 22 -24 90
    26th Radial 162786 Richard Dixon Marconi SC -26 26 20 25 22 93
    27th Full Rig 176285 Derek Goodway Littleton SC 24 25 -27 26 25 100
    28th Full Rig 85172 Martin Yates Island Barn RSC 25 -28 28 27 26 106
    29th Full Rig 75056 Ian Heinze Island Barn RSC -30 27 26 28 27 108
    30th Full Rig 137925 Mark Timbs Island Barn RSC 27 29 (DNC) DNC DNC 120
    31st Full Rig 121982 Peter Hughes Island Barn RSC 28 30 (DNC) DNC DNC 122


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