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The New Fence Free Island Barn

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Here's a few snaps of the new look bank. No glass in the fence yet.


Here's the relevant text from the last club email circular about what's going on:

"Thames Water have cracked on with their plan to remove the unsightly, slightly unsafe and rather superfluous fencing at the reservoir edge. This is in line with the arrangements at their other reservoirs. 

"There is now open space where once there was fence, so please be aware of the edge. The area around the top of the ramp can be a congested area and we have asked that fence be reinstated at this point to reduce any hazard when manoeuvring boats up and down."

"Please take care at the top of the ramp and in the top boat park when getting boats out of their berths and manoeuvring along the bank. "
As a personal comment, its amazing how different the place looks. I remember how odd the fencing looked to me when I first turned up at IBRSC, being used to Datchet and QM where there is nothing like it. Now it looks strange without it. No doubt toddlers will need to be kept on the lead better, but I've never heard of any injuries at Datchet and QM, and I think if anything the drop is less here.
You'll see we've got gateposts in front of the ramps. I asked about this, and the idea is it makes it more difficult to get a wheel off the edge of the ramp, which seems sensible. The very high posts seem OTT at first, but if they were knee height it would be awfully easy to trip over one and take a head first dive, which might rather spoil everyone's day, so the tall ones seem sensible on reflection. I've made a suggestion though that the next time we replace a ramp the new one should go much closer to the clubhouse on the west side. Be handy for opens.
Personally I'm very glad the old fencing is gone. It was going to get rather more than slightly unsafe in places before very long with posts disintegrating.
Jim C