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RS Feva Open April 2008


    RS Feva Open 2008

    Interesting meteorological conditions for the Island Barn Feva open on
    Sunday 27th April - with some very odd shaped clouds, lightning bolts in
    the distance and big wind shifts in the morning races. The turnout was
    rather lower than hoped for, with both father/son combinations from the
    local National 12 fleet joining the regular father/son combination of
    Peter and James Curtis. Race 1 was held in light winds with the Curtis
    boat rather luckily getting the best of the shift at the start and
    leading from start to finish. Some on the water coaching between races
    helped to hone the downwind techniques of the other boats ready for race
    2, which unfortunately started in a flat calm. The wind slowly built
    during the race, and although the Curtis's again led from start to
    finish, Matt and Joe Stiles showed some very good speed in their
    borrowed boat.
    Following lunch the wind had increased enough to get everybody sat on
    the side up the beats and filling spinnakers nicely going downhill. 
    This certainly helped Alex Storey having his first ever experience of an
    asymmetric spinnaker. He and dad Mike showed much better in the
    afternoon as the wind continued to build, making for two very
    competitive races and never being much behind the other two. Matt and
    Joe proved they were quick learners, also improving their speed and
    leading in both races. As ever with closely matched one design boats it
    was the small details that made the difference. In race 3 they led for
    two laps, but under pressure at the top mark a jib that stayed cleated
    during a tack followed by a slightly tardy hoist allowed the Curtis boat
    to get the inside position at the start of the run and they managed to
    get through. Race 4 was similarly close, but spinnaker problems
    ultimately did for the Stiles boat - it was only Joe's second time in a
    The results table suggests processional easy racing, but this was
    anything but. Peter and James had to work very hard for their win. Joe
    and Alex did really well as inexperienced spinnaker crews, more used to
    just watching the world go by when on a run. I think they are converted
    to the joys of Feva sailing; just have to work on their dads a bit.
          Feva Fleet
    Sailed:4, Discards:1, To count:3, Entries:3, Scoring system:Appendix A
    Rank     Fleet     SailNo  Helm     Crew     Club      R1        R2        R3        R4
    Total     Nett      Notes
    1st        Feva     1518     Peter Curtis       James Curtis      Island Barn
    (1.0)     1.0
    1.0        1.0        4.0        3.0         
    2nd       Feva     412       Matt Stiles         Joe Stiles           Island Barn
    (2.0)     2.0
    2.0        2.0        8.0        6.0         
    3rd       Feva     2049     Mike Storey       Alex Storey        Island Barn
    (3.0)     3.0
    3.0        3.0        12.0      9.0         


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