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New Photos for the Clubhouse?

  • Its been suggested that we should have some new photos to relieve the white paint on our new clubhouse, so accordingly I've been sent to look at my archives. The idea was that I should pick out some reasonable ones and then you could pick your favourites.

    This really shouldn't be limited to my photos: I know there are other people at least as capable as I. We do need pretty high resolution photos if we're going to get them enlarged to go on the walls, but any recent DSLR ought to cut the mustard. If you have some suitable photos please contact Gareth, Mike or me (link below) and let us have copies and I'll add them to the selection.

    Anyway. It turns out I have something in excess of 8,000 photographs taken at various events, mostly, but not exclusively open meetings. Many of them are, frankly, awful, but there are some that I like to think aren't too bad by untrained amateur standards. Even so picking through the lot is a pretty intimidating exercise.

    I've picked out about a hundred, but I still have an uneasy feeling I've missed some good ones. The club laptop contains copies of most of them: I don't suppose that anyone would like to borrow it and go through and pick out an alternate selection? 

    Anyway, the selection I've picked out so far is on flickr linked below. They're all mine except the last one.  When we've got a complete selection I'll try and figure out a voting system... They're not on the club website because the flickr facilities mean I don't have to edit them for web suitable sizes.

    Any questions, or better still submissions then you can email me here

    Jim C

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