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Autumn Working Party Report

  • Many thanks to all those who supported the Working Party on Saturday and/or Sunday. Following all the work on Friday evening to prepare the clubhouse for Saturday’s RS200 event and support on the day of the event, it was great to see so many on Sunday. The hard work was rewarded with good weather and the multitude of food left over from the RS200 event. 

    Most of the planned tasks were completed, and the areas both inside and outside the clubhouse now look considerably better, if not immaculate – Thames Water should be pleased:

    • Unused pontoon to the West has been moved to the new East 4 ramp
    • Old staging by the West 1 gate has been cut up
    • Ramps repaired
    • Pontoons refloated
    • Steps to Clubhouse and access ramp cleaned
    • Patio outside clubhouse cleared of grass
    • Undergrowth around boats cut
    • Brambles attacked
    • a Fireball decimated (a really satisfying task)
    • Club boats serviced
    • Holes in reservoir bank concreted
    • Fenders on ‘T’ pontoon re-bolted on
    • One safety boat taken off the water for the winter
    • Shower repaired
    • Cleaning and yet more cleaning inside the clubhouse.

    Still to do: properly fix East4 pontoon to the bank. fill holes in main track, re-attach lost fenders to ‘T’ pontoon, cut up more abandoned boats.