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2015 Prize Winners

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Congratulations to the Club series prize winners. In total there was a record 21 individual winners:

Peter Curtis 1st Hcap am Spring, 2nd Hcap am Summer, 1st Hcap am Autumn, 2nd B2B Spring, 1st B2B Summer, 1st B2B autumn, 2nd Pursuit, 2nd Anniversary

Richard Barker 2nd Hcap Spring

Mike Storey 3rd Hcap Spring, 3rd Hcap Autumn, 3rd B2B Autumn

Gareth Griffiths 1st Hcap Summer, 2nd Hcap Autumn, 1st B2B Spring, 3rd B2B Summer, 2nd B2B Autumn, 1st Solo Spring, 1st Pursuit, 1st Anniversary

CJ Cavallari/Uta Griesenbach 3rd Hcap Summer

Paul Wright-Anderson 3rd Hcap Spring

Paul Playle 2nd B2B Summer, 2nd Solo Spring, 1st Solo Summer, 3rd Solo Autumn, 1st Solo overall, 3rd Anniversary

Tim Lewis 3rd Solo Spring

Ian Peace 2nd Solo Summer, 1st Solo Autumn, 3rd Saturday

Andy Norman 3rd Solo Summer, 2nd Solo Autumn

Mervyn Cinnamond 3rd Solo Autumn

Ben Sharp 1st Laser Spring, 1st Laser Summer

Kevin Seebaluck 2nd Laser Spring, 2nd Laser Summer

Matt Young 3rd Laser Spring

Simon Bean 3rd Laser Summer

Tony Butler 3rd Pursuit

Chris Smith 1st Anniversary Personal Hcap

Dave Baldwin 2nd Anniversary Personal Hcap

Mark Phillips 3rd Anniversary Personal Hcap

Uta Griesenbach 1st Saturday

Nick England 2nd Saturday


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