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Anniversary Series October/Finale

  • Your correspondent arrived to late to start, so this is a beach report. It was lightish airs, with a course, of beat, long just kiteable reach, run, second beat, deep reach back to the start - definitely a fairly long course in the conditions (not too long though I didn't think).
    Peter took the lead on lap one as he should have done in the fastest boat out there. Paul Wright-A made a very good start and a better first beat to be right up with Mike Storey's Eps and Gareth's Aero. Enough so, indeed, that all three were overlapped at the second mark on lap one. Mike got thoroughly lost on the second beat and retired, whilst Peter built up something of a lead. Gareth managed to peg this back on the first half of the second lap. The RO elected to shortern fairly early with the fleet well strung out, which for once meant that people got a cup of tea (about the only hot thing available with the state of the clubhouse) and still started at 12 for the back to back races. 
    Anyway, here are some results. Gareth won the race by 6 second from Peter on handicap. Apparently they've had a lot of single digit finishes lately. And that was just enough (and I mean exactly just enough) to give him the series on tiebreak from Peter. Paul W/A was third, to take 4th in the series (3rd overall was the absent Paul Playle). Henry Carrow and Tom Wilson took 4th and 5th, also in Lasers, and Chris Smith rounded out the top 6.
    In the personal handicap Chris Smith won from Dave Baldwin, and, yes, this was just enough to give him the series win on tiebreak from Dave! Ian Peace took 3rd, Paul W/A and Gareth 4th and 5th, and Ben Sharp rounded out the top 6. 
    3rd overall in the personal handicap was Mark Phillips on tie break from Ben Sharp. Paul W/A was 5th in the series and Ian Peace 6th.
    Tie breaks for 1/2 in both series and 3/4 in the personal handicap as well. Hard pounding this, gentlemen...
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