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New Ramp and Floating Boat Garage

  • Thanks to some sterling work by Dave Simpson, the new East 4 ramp is now open for business. There is no pontoon as yet, but it is planned to move over the West 1 pontoon, currently unused, sometime during the next few weeks (at the Working Party, if not before). There is currently no padlock on the gate. 

    This would not have been possible without the help of Tom Wilson, CJ, Ian Crow, Alexis Villiers, Jamie Scott, and Dave Baldwin for the loan of his lethal, but highly effective, electric saw.

    Also making an appearance over the weekend was Dave Baldwin's second version of a floating boat garage. All the learning from the first attempt to provide an alternative to poorly fitting and dirty rescue boat covers (or no cover at all) has gone into Baldwin mk2. At the moment it is not in full commission - it floats a little low. The 30kt gusts forecast for this week should give it a good workout.


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