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Dogs at the Club

  • It is a Club bylaw and we have a notice on the entrance gate that dogs are not allowed at the Club. Clearly there are animals and animal mess inside the gates – from sheep on the bank and seagulls everywhere on the pontoons and safety boat. The Committee has considered amending this bylaw and is in favour of the following:

    Dogs may be brought inside the club gates subject to

    1.       On a lead and under control at ALL times inside the gates

    2.       NEVER inside the water gates

    3.       NEVER inside the clubhouse

    4.       Dog owners MUST clean up and dispose of mess

    We'd like the members opinions on this. Do you agree with changing the bylaws in this way? Do you have a strong objection? Should we make the change for a trial period?

    To stress – the bylaws have NOT changed YET. Subject to feedback we may amend the bylaw for the Winter sailing season (from 1st Nov) and review at the AGM in Feb.