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Wednesday Series 5th August

  • Well... things are hotting up. The race last night, was, I fear a bit of a nothing. 20 minutes or more to do a single square course in about a quarter of the reservoir in appallingly light airs. I suppose there was enough wind to start, but the turnout was predictably slight. The corrected times were in the same order as the finishing times, which tells you all you need to know really. Dropping wind syndrome.

    But series wise, ah, well that's another matter. Just look at those points. Four sailors with an excellent chance of winning, and, I believe, two more races and one more discard to go. By my sums Paul Playle will have 21 points if he doesn't sail again, Gareth Griffiths will have 21.1, Mike Curtis 23.1 and Kevin Pearson 25.1. But if Kevin can win one more race he could be on 20.7 points, and Mike could be on 18.1 if he wins another race. On the other hand down the pan results will up the duty average points... So, who can make how many races? And who's going to find a sudden work emergency to cancel the family holiday?

    As for the personal handicap: Mike Jones is in the driving seat, but if he doesn't do another race or at least a duty he'll be counting a 15th. Mike Curtis is second, and although he's eligible, being in band 1 this year, that's only becaus he dropped down from his normal band 0 after an unexceptional season last year. Hmmm. Thereafter Harry Phelps, improving generally, Dave Baldwin, beginning to get to grips with the RS100 and Evan Cairns, having moved to Solos are the next few contenders. 

    By the way I'm missing a few OOD names I think, Please can you check the results and see if you did a duty you haven't been credited for and let me know which race.