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Wednesday 29 July 2015

  • It was windy when I left the house. Windy enough that I nipped back in and got the camera. Its been a very windy summer, Its funny: you get windy years and quiet years, even (I did some research when I designed the PlusPlus for those who remember it) windy decades. The 80s were windy.

    Anyway, it was less breezy when I got to the club, and it had all the feeling of an evening where the wind was slowly going to disappear. Around the start sequences it was around 5 to 7 knots. The course was long beat, shortish broad reach, short shy reach into the middle, a run back to the bottom and a short shy reach back to the start/ It was also all on the far side of the reservoir which didn't help you reporter one little bit in his intermittent attemts to follow the race. In between I was wrestling with bizarre behaviour from the big screen in the clubhouse, which was not prepared to work with the club laptop for more than about 20 seconds, but was quite happy with the 1998 vintage laptop I had in the van. Strange.

    As for the race, the fast boats seemed to be right into the slow ones by the first run, and Gareth in particular was fairly easy to spot. Wind was in the 10 knot region on lap two, and the Aero was leading on the water. The middle reach across was very shy: I think I saw a 200 or two attempt it, but it was never going to be viable for the RS100, and poor Dave Baldwin had to get in two hoists and drops per lap. Unkind to singlehanders :-) . Its a very good idea to have some too shy for kites downwind legs in the mix, but an even better idea if they are the first or last downwind legs per laps to save the hoist/drop energy which may be a struggle for the more mature crew. 

    Lap two actually seemed to have the most wind, and I saw it in double figures for a while. Gareth, however, managed to find a big hole in it and lost time, with a big lead getting smaller. Lap three was down to 5 or 6 knots, and the S flag was hoisted. Good call.

    So results. Here you are. What, 3 races to go, still anyone's game. Better cancel the summer holiday boys, can't afford to give away points! 

    The standard handicap series has closed up a lot since last week with 11 points between the (different) top six rather than 18. OOD averages are also instructive: Paul's is 3.4, Gareth's 3.3, Mike's 3.3, Kevin's 3.0 and Evan's 4.2. Don't forget those are only the results on their primary boats, and results from other classes need to come into the mix. Kevin's Radial result takes 4 points of his score, but Mike and Gareth's will probably only affect decimals.

    The personal handicap still looks good for Mike Jones if he can get the results in, but if not there are several others in the wings.