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Commodores Day 2015

  • Here's a collection of photos. Maybe someone would like to write up a proper report.

    The day started with three races before lunch, sailed in a very smart breeze, and the session belonged comprehensively to Peter and James Curtis, with three wins, and their RS500 handily beating the nominally faster RS400s on the water. Micke and Harry Curtis followed with two 2, 3, 2, and, fresh from the airport, Gareth Griffiths with [still on plane], 2, 3.

    Lunch, thanks to Susan, was a good spread with a selection of cheeses and pat├ęs on French bread.

    After the break three more races, and with a big cloud overhead the wind was getting a little lighter and more fickle. Race 4 went to John Oldham's Phantom, with Peter and James 2nd, so they were still looking good. Gareth was 3rd. Race 5. Well, talk about being turned upside down. The leaders sailed into a big hole, those further back sailed round them, and Gareth took the win with Kevin Seebaluck 2nd and Clare James 3rd. So, all on race 6. And it was still lighter and fickle. Well... Mike and Harry took the win, Gareth was 2nd, and Kevin third. This gave Gareth the series and Mike and Hrry runners up. Peter and James? Down the fleet again, and far enough that after leading all day they were demoted to third. There's a wind strength point where the 500 goes from very competitive to much less so, and over lunch we hit that point...

    Meanwhile, well it was pirates day on the beach, with much dressing up, both of younger (and one or two older) pirates and also of three of the rescue boats, hastily named Orange Pig I, II and II, and rigged as pirate brigs with black square sails on two masts. See photos. The pirates proceeded to robbery and violence on the high seas (or at least water splashing on the reservoir) whilst the rest got started on the barbecue...

    28 photographs

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