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Weds 15 July, lighter airs

  • Its been a windy year so far, but tonight definitely wasn't. It looked really ominous at rigging time, but in the end there were usable light airs for racing: it certainly wasn't a drift fest by any means. The course was a small left hand square (sounds like a dance: Soldiers Joy, 1,2 1,2,3,4?), which stayed a long way clear of the windward bank which was nothing but sensible. In the event the leaders did 6 laps whilst still finishing well before the evening lull, so we can give the race team good marks for that...

    Your reporter only viewed the race from a very distant windward bank, so this isn't the most precise of accounts, but never mind eh. The leading fast boats were up early to the slow start boats, and especially Mike and Harry Curtis in the Rs400 were looking good early in a somewhat variable breeze.

    For lap 2 the wind was probably at its best and the 400 banged right: a very good call which took him past Solos and Lasers. Paul Playle (Solo) and John Magrath (Laser) were next.

    By lap 3 Mike was well ahead in his own weather - for good or ill. The main group was quite condensed although James Curtis was gtting near the front of it. I think it was lap 4 where Mike had something of a private hole in the wind. Meanwhile James Curtis and Harry Phelps (RS300 (and not his own!)) were clear into 2nd place and swapping places some. They notably avoided Mike's hole.

    By the end of the race the leaders had lapped several of the trailing boats. Mike was well clear, but not with the horizon job that had looked possible earlier. Richard Barker's Phantom had come up with the leading group too.

    Here are the results. James Curtis took the race handily from Paul Playle, Mike was third and Andrew and Jo 4th in another 200. Richard Barker took 5th and John Magrath 6th in a Laser. Personal handicap went to Mike Jones again.

    Series wise its still wide open. You'll see I'm using a different handicap for the RS Aero. All will be revealed soon on that front. James makes the umpteenth race winner in a very open series...

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