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Wed 24 Jun

  • What a glorious evening for a sail - and 22 sailors all agreed. Enough wind to move briskly but not enough to cause many mishaps. Great to see some of the juniors participating swelling the Laser fleet and Jamie Curtis trying his hand in a Solo and learning that you can't dry capsize a solo. (It comes up full of water if you try to stay dry, drop in the water and pull the boat up without your weight on the boat at the critical point and it comes up dry though you aren't!)

    Some confusion before the start as both distance marks were still out from TryRace training... Race Officer Clare wisely removed one but some people still had that location in their minds and hadn't located the correct outer. This and the now starboard biased line led to a significant number of the first start being recalled and some jostling at the committee boat end.

    The course ws a long beat from 2 to 7, reach down to 5, run to 3, close reach to F, and beat to 8 before running all the way back down to 2. Could have been a very long lap if the wind had died but the arial gods were smiling. Longest evening, wind stayed, sun even came out a bit to give a glorious sunset after the race.

    The fairly crowded first start saw Paul W-A make a clean break with Ben Jones in pursuit. In the Solos Paul Playle was staying close enough to the lasers and pulling away from James and Evan.

    The fast start was much more orderly with Ian/Douglas (400) using those big sails to pull quickly ahead of Gareth (Aero), Andy Barnett (200) and Mike Storey (EPS). As the wind eased slightly on the second lap Gareth pulled away from Mike and Andy and worked through most of the slow fleet. Mostly the wind held up to give some really nice close reaches for the single handers with a long course on the longest evening so on the water the 400 was clear of the Aero with quite a gap to the fleet - but was it enough...

    Results - Paul W-A took the standard by 5 seconds from Gareth with these two well clear of Paul Playle in third. In the personal hadicap a win for Dave Baldwin in the 100 from Chris Smith in his Streaker.

    Thanks to Gareth for the report. Don't forget, when looking at series results, that I haven't amalgamated results for people sailing multiple boats.  Also I am missing some names. Please can everyone make sure they put a race card in, and duty teams please try and fill in sheets completely with at least initials and surnames. This is especially important if I or whoever is doing the results for the series in hand isn't present.

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