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Wednesday Series Week 9

  • Well, what a delightful evening for sailing! The blustery winds of earlier in the day had calmed down some, and we were greeted with a nice force 2 or 3 from the west, and very warm with it. Curiously the fleet was rather depleted, and depleted yet further when a spinnaker pole block chewed up under the foredeck of one of the club Visions, taking Mike and Uta out. And what a horrible part to access it is too! You have to take the whole of the kite chute come centre foredeck moulding out. 

    But I digress. The team set a rather straightforward port hand quadrilateral course. The first start considerably outnumbered the second, and Mike and Sophie Storey in the 12 took an immediate lead which they were to retain for the next few laps. Behind them the Lasers seemed to be keeping more distance from the Solos than they have in other races recently. From the second start Harry Phelps RS300 and Richard Barker's Phantom looked prominent to me. 

    Harry retired after a while with breaking toe straps. I noticed that when the Phantom caught up with the 12 there was much crossing on the beat: each catching the other on starboard on more than one occasion, which suggests there were enough shifts and changes out there to make life interesting.

    Results? The Twelve won by a good margin, with Richard Barker second. Kevin Seebaluck *just* took third in his full rig Laser from Nancy Scott's Radial, with Nancy just saving her time over Paul Playle. Kyo Wong and Anna Rowe took a good 6th in their Feva.

    Kyo and Anna won the personal handicap from Jamie Scott, with Nancy in 3rd. Rob Hatley (RS200) then Matt Young and Kevin rounded out the top 6.

    The standard handicap series is hotting up. The top three hasn't changed, with none of them scoring points, but Mike Storey's second win takes him up to 4th. Don't forget the previous note about results not being combined for different classes yet. 

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