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Club Championship 2015

  • Club Championship 2015

    On Sunday 7 June the forecast was a steadily Northerly – that is the Met office forecast showed North all day. The clue was in the gust forecast – while average wind speed showed at 6-8 kn the gust forecast showed 15 – which should have been a big clue that the LULL forecast which they don’t show was also perhaps 0 or minus one. What started as a gentle Northerly proceeded to meander its way between nothing, East and West perhaps with a bit of South in between while makings its mind up averaging ‘Northerly’ as forecast.

    When set the course had a perfect beat from 6 to F, a broad reach to X, beat back to 1, reach to three and broad reach to back to 6.

    However… by the 4 minute gun you couldn’t even beat down the line on starboard… Just after the two minute it swapped round again to give a short lived starboard bias only to come back again to a huge port end (though this shift took a while to propagate down the line causing several boats to be OCS). Clearly it was a day for reacting quickly to wind shifts and spotting the next patch. Up the first beat Paul Playle’s Solo led the charge (well crawl more than charge) with Peter Curtis in the RS500 quickly establishing a lead from John Oldham’s Phantom and Paul’s Solo with Gareth in the Aero 9 quickly climbing through the fleet after an indifferent start. At the first mark I think the top 4 were Peter, Paul, John and Gareth. Downwind Gareth slipped past John and Paul to establish the pattern for the race with Peter and Gareth breaking well away from John and Paul.  Race one ended with Peter beating Gareth by 3 seconds on handicap with Paul third, John Oldham fourth and a great result for Henry Carrow fifth in a laser radial.


    So, on to race 2 with a simplified course of X, 3, 4, 6. Simple course, not such a simple wind.  The RO was a frantically moving the windward mark right up to the start. Again a heavily port end biassed line. This time though most of the fleet were able to beat down the line. Gareth took the plunge and started on port ducking a few boats as he approached to hit the line at full speed while others closer to the pin were still tacking.  After a couple of shifts Gareth had a good lead at the windward mark with (of course) Peter Curtis behind and Paul again worrying close to the supposedly faster boats. The vagaries of the wind were quickly apparent as Gareth was beating down the second leg while Peter was closing with the spinnaker flying.  Peter overhauled Gareth downwind but never really pulled away with these two gaining a good lead over John, Paul Playle and Paul Wright-Anderson. As the wind started to decrease the Aero gained on the RS500, when the wind came back the 500 pulled away. On the final lap the wind dropped again and on the final leg (variously beat, tack, tack back, reach) Gareth slipped past Peter in a lull to claim line hours. Paul Playle took second on handicap with Peter third, Paul W-A fourth and John Oldham fifth.

    Full results are here. For the club championship Gareth won from Peter with Paul P third. Paul Playle takes the masters with Andy Barnett second and Paul W-A third. Gareth also takes the age adjusted Veterans with Peter again second and John Oldham third

    The top five places in the overall were all in different classes – Aero, RS500, Solo, Phantom, Laser