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Change To the Sailing Programme


    After the Commodore’s day 2010 the Saturday series will change from two fixed time starts at 14:30 and 15:45 to instead be two races back to back – aiming at two slightly shorter races of 30-40 minutes. 
    Team leaders and deputy team leaders please take note. (The notice board and race officers book will be updated accordingly)
    The rationale is that we have been getting good attendance in the first race but very few takers for the second race which distorts the results (rather easy to pick up good positions in the second race). We have canvassed opinion from the Saturday sailors and we expect that that more people will do both races if we make the first race slightly shorter and start the second straight after the first.
    The Saturday series should be a less intense series ideal for people starting to race. Generally there are fewer boats so there is less pressure on pre-start maneuvering in a large fleet, altogether a more relaxed environment.  With two shorter races it gives you a good chance to practice and if something goes wrong in the first race you can try again in the second race.
    Sailing committee (Gareth, Terry, Carl, Mike C, Rob, Malcolm, Mike J)
    PS if you haven’t completed the questionnaire yet please do – of course if you want to give us any other feedback just let us know directly. Our goal is to get more people sailing, more boats on the water, more members - we have an enthusiastic team but we need to know your priorities.