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2015 Club Championship

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The 2015 Club Championships will be held on Sunday 7th June.


Notice of Race available here and below:



Notice Of Race

Sunday 7th June 2015

·        Open to all IBRSC members

·        Enter via normal IBRSC race entry. Competitors should indicate the age of helm and crew (if applicable) at the entry board

·        The following age categories, based on age of the helm, apply:

o   Junior = 17 and under

o   Adult = 18 – 39

o   Master = 40 – 49

o   Grand Master = 50 - 64

o   Veteran = 65 and over

·        2 x Handicap races of approx. 50mins duration will be run

·        First race start will not before 10.30am

·        Second race start will be notified ashore

·        The Race Officer may decide to run a separate start for Juniors, depending on entries. In which case elapsed times will be adjusted for starting time when calculating overall results

·        Overall results will be calculated using Club Portsmouth Numbers.

·        Age category results for Grand Masters and Veterans will be calculated using age adjusted Club Portsmouth Numbers as follows:

o   The ages in years of helm and crew will be added. For single-handed boats the helm's age is doubled.

o   For a combined age greater than 100 the PN will be increased by 2 points per year over 100.

o   For a combined age less than 100 the PN will be decreased by 3 points per year under 100

o   Examples:

§  Helm aged 55, crew aged 59.  Combined age 114.  New handicap number is PN + (114-100) ×  2 = PN + 28

§  Single-handed helm aged 55.  Doubled age = 110.  New handicap number is PN + ( 110-100) ×  2 = PN + 20

§  Helm aged 55, crew aged 15.  Combined age = 70.  New handicap number is PN + (70-100) × 3 = PN - 90

·        IBRSC Club Sailing Instructions will apply

·        Scoring will be as per Special Events in the SI’s, i.e. both races count towards overall position

·        Prizes will be awarded for Overall and age category positions


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