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Wednesday Week 6 2015

  • From Ian Hamilton:
    "I'm afraid that we didn't have time to take in much of the action other than to watch for capsizes at the gybe mark at 9.  
    By the time the leading boats approached mark 2 on the first round the 400 had made up time on all the slow fleet and was catching the National 12 and the leading laser at speed.  During the second rounding Mike Storey was forced to retire with a rip in his main after a run in with the leading Laser, and thereafter it was a procession with Mike Curtis expanding his lead over the 300.  
    One thing I noted was around half the fleet re-crossed the finish line after the race.  I have no idea if that is still against the rules (it is: Editor] but it made the job of duty team finishing the race on the shore more complicated than it should have been by obscuring our view at times."
    From Douglas Clow
    "Course description -  Shore start from 1 (with an inner mark laid), beat up to 7, then run down to 2, followed by another beat to 6, then a broad reach to 9, with a gybe then broad reach to 1.
    Only additional colour, was that the leadings solos were having a great race with a number of lead changes, and there were a number of hairy gybes round Mark 9, for the spectators in the clubhouse.  On the first round this was particularly interesting for Harry (who just held it) and John Smith (who enjoyed his swim).
    Winds were SW, and around 12 kts with regular stronger gusts."
    Thanks both. Your editor has crocked his arm and can hardly type, so many thanks to Ian and Douglas.