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Wednesday Series Week 2

  • Bright sunshine, not cold, lovely F3 breeze... good stuff eh? And a reasonable turnout for early in the series too.

    Another figure 8 type course, with a good length beat a run down the lake (more or less), another good length beat and a long kite reach back to the start... In fact it looked a bit of an asymettric boat course at first. 

    From the first start Mike Storey's National 12 was very prominent going high and fast up the first beat. The first thing I noticed from the second fleet was someone's chocolate bar getting very wet down the run when a gybe went badly wrong: something to do with adapting to boats without shrouds was what I overheard... 

    As Gareth dried his bubbles out on the second lap Mike Curtis was catching the leading Solos. I remeber seeing one spectacular gust with Paul Playle's Solo hammering along the rhymb line whilst the 400 was going faster, but deeper, deeper deeper, and having to strauggle to get back up to the mark.

    Mike C seemed to be picking up a bit of a lead by the third lap, but Richard Barker's Phantom wasn't a mile away. Kevin Seebaluck seemed to be an awfully long way clear of the Laser Pack, and Paul Playle had a handy lead amongst the Solos.

    Three laps was enough, and the fleet finished in the diminishing light and adjourned to the clubhouse for supper - Caroline obliging again this week.

    So the results...

    Paul Playle won, and Kevin Seebaluck was second. So not an asymettric night at all. Richard Barkerr was third in the Phantom, Evan Cairns 4th in a Solo and Mike Curtis only 5th. Mike Storey rounded off the top 6 in the National.

    In the personal handicap Mike Jones won again, with Chris Smith (Streaker) 2nd, Kevin Seebaluck 3rd, Harry Phelps (RS200) 4th, Ian Peace 5th in a Solo and Evan Cairns rounding off the top 6.