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Anniversary Race April 2015

  • A nice spring breeze for the first Anniversary Race of the year, but very chilly... maybe extremely chilly!  F3, maybe F4 at times. Very very shifty and changeable, plenty of 45 degree shifts, and even some bigger at times.

    There was a *very* short course, it looked confined and claustrophobic from the bank and I wasn't sorry I hadn't arrived in time to rig the Canoe. There was a ahort beat, a sort of fetch come fine reach across, a deep reach, another short beat, and a deep reach back to the start. At least that's what itr seemed to be on average - remember those 45 degree shifts. One asymmetric sailor might gybe down the run only to see the boat they thought they'd left well behind get a shift and gust which took them to the mark on the rhumb line and get all that distance back again...

    The series started with a general recall, after a late shift bunched everyone at the pin end, so they all got to have a second go...

      Peter and Fiona in the RS500 were the early leaders as might expect and Brian Greenwaway sailed a very good first beat to round second at the first mark. Behind them there was much confusion at the windward mark after an early boat capsized pretty much on the mark. I didn't see who, but it seemed to be a big singlehander, maybe a Phantom.  The first two got away in the resulting chaos.

    As the race progressed the Phantom worked thro to second on the water and managed to get well clear of the main bunch. It really was a bunch too, with much congestion on the short legs. CJ and Uta were the best of the RS200s, and eventually got through to third, whilst the others were never out of traffic. The other Lasers caught Brian some, but never got past him. Evan Cairns, now in a Solo seemed to be snapping hard at Gareth Griffgiths heels, whilst Gareth was hanging on to the back of the Laser group. There were huge gains and losses to be made on the big shifts, even with the short beats there was always a right and wrong side, but which side each was was never the same two laps running. There were many snakes and a few ladders on downwind legs too...

    Results: Peter Curtis and Fiona won by a good margin, and Richard Barker in the Phantom just sntched second from Brian Greenawaywith Ben Sharp 4th and 2nd Laser. Gareth and Evan rounded up the top six. Brian Greenaway won the personal handicap, with Mark Phillips 2nd, Ben Sharp 3rd and Tony Peace 4th in a Solo.

    The Results are here.

    Club Open with Stage 3 Restrictions    find out more