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Summer Special 13th June

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Summer Special – THIS SUNDAY 13 June


We have something for everyone this weekend... Peter Curtis and his team will be running the Summer Special.

Two races incorporating the Masters and Veterans – plus Junior and overall Champion.


For adults

Two handicap races, both count.

Overall ‘Champion’ regular club PY handicap

Age corrected handicaps, HELM must be ...

· 40-49 Masters

· 50-59 Veterans

· 60-69 Grand Masters

· 70+ Great Grand Masters

For the age correction we add the ages of helm and crew (or double the age of single-handers) and for every year over 100 we add 2 points to the PY. If a young crew is used however there is a penalty of subtracting three points for every combined year under 100


Separate races for Juniors (age categories will be determined on the day based on entries)


For EVERYONE – Barbeque + Salad lunch – Bar – etc.

Everyone says we have an ageing population (let’s face it no-one is getting younger) - let’s see if we can break our record for number of entrants.


See you Sunday

Sailing Committee

Rob, Mike C, Gareth, Terry, Carl, Malcolm, Mike J, Peter C