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Solo News 15 Mar

  • Nearly the end of the series…

    One more race then its working party and into the spring program.

    I think all the series are up to date on the web site – now would be a good time to check so that we all know the scores before the last race…

    Looks like we're down to the wire again – In the late winter series Paul and Tim are tied at the top on 7 points. I'm out of the reckoning this time because I'm one race short.   I think Rob is probably safe in third but it's tied at the top.  Mike Dray and I don't have enough races so we're having to count a DNC which at 12 points isn't competitive at the top these days.  Tim and Paul both are counting three firsts and two seconds, and both have a second place being discarded so even if they don't sail next week (which will mean an extra race to count) they will only add two points. As it stands I think Tim is ahead by virtue of winning the last race which they both competed in but I may have to brush upon the tie breaking protocol. If either sails and wins next week they take the series. If someone else wins I'm not so sure what happens.

    I think Ian has taken the personal handicap by some way - looks like promotion into Division one. I haven't worked out the other promotion and relegation issues yet but I will be adjusting some of the handicaps after the series ends to even things up again.

    On the Overall Winter trophy it is still a three horse race between Gareth (15.6), Paul (16) and Tim (18).  Gareth and Tim probably have to win to take the series. Paul has the most results currently lying second but with a 2.5 in reserve and only 0.4 behind, Gareth needs to count the last race because he's got no discards, Tim is currently third, but if he wins and neither Gareth or Paul are second I think he takes it.  We could yet have a different winner of the early, late and overall which would be a first I think.

    New season new members

    Sadly we are saying goodbye to Peter Renn who's moved further away from the club - our loss is Frensham's gain. We've loved having you here Peter - keep in touch and maybe we'll see you at our or their Open Meeting. Also of course we’ll soon be saying “goodbye see you next year” to winter members – we’ve loved having you – perhaps we can tempt you to the Open meeting – earlier this year on 30 May. However we have another new member joining - please welcome Andy Norman who has a just bought a very nice Winder Mk II (same as Mark and Rob) and I expect will quickly be on the pace. With Evan returning to Solos as well it’s going to stay tight at the top!

    Hopefully back to articles on the sailing next week - although I've only missed two weeks it feels like an age since I've been in the boat.