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TryRace 2015

  • Can sail - Can't race - or just want to improve your skills. Try Race is a coaching series that runs on Tuesday evenings in parallel with TrySail starting June 2 continuing through the same dates as TrySail. For 2015 that is:

    June 2, 9, 16, 23, 30

    July 7, 17, 21, 28

    TryRace is aimed at adults who have completed TrySail  or RYA level 2 to bridge that gap between -"I can sail round a traingular course" to "I can sail efficiently and quickly round a course". This is offered as a free club course - think of it as training night and Saturday or Sunday racing as match day. As with any sport prcatice makes perfect, and supervised practice avoids getting into bad habits and irons out areas you fimnd more difficult.

     RYA level 2 and TrySail teach you to safely sail round a course, to launch and recover your boat and if the worst happens how to right after a capsize.  Try Race takes these basics and start to refine them introducing more advanced skills - the full range of sail controls, the racing rules, starting a race, etc. Each week we aim to take one or two topics and concentrate on them while building on what we did the week before.

    While you don't HAVE to come every week you will certaionly gain more if you do. Past TryRace members are welcome to come along and I'm sure will help the newcomers. Ideally you'll be sailing boats of similar enough speed (Solo/Laser) but happy to try and cope with others (light people in Toppers is fine).

    The syllabus is similar to what used to be RYA Level 3 - focus on skills development - but having fun while we do it. If you have already done RYA 3 you will still gain from coaching - remember even international athletes have coaches.

    If you plan to come please let me know so I can plan numbers



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