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Quagga Mussel Biosecurity

  • As a result of the quagga mussel (invasive species) sightings in the area, Thames Water have implemented the following biosecurity measures on their properties:

    We have left 2 large bowsers and2 hand pumped dispensers for spray down of the boats. Dispensers can be filled from taps on the bowsers.

    We ask that ALL boats arriving at and leaving site are sprayed down with water from the bowser marked ‘Washdown’. This contains a weak chlorous solution which should eradicate any quagga mussel larvae on contact. In the bowser marked ‘Rinse’ is just water. This is provided to rinse boats once the chlorous solution has been applied, should you wish. 

    Disposable gloves and safety glasses will be left at site for those dispensing the chlorous solution as a precaution. We would ask that these are worn. None of the water provided is for drinking purposes.

    We have displayed laminated instructions at point of use.

    In addition to the above please continue to implement the ‘Check, Clean, Dry’ approach for all kit used on the reservoirs

    Thanks for following the above procedures

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