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Anniversary Series October.

  • A nice day for the end of the anniversary series, but a low turnout. I suppose most of the Solo fleet were having to stay in after doing the Open yesterday which meant that Peter Curtis won the scratch series when Gareth Griffiths didn't drive in through the gate! Your writer reduced the turnout even further by failing to launch in time, which was in the event fortuitous as I later detected a major structural problem with the sliding seat.

    Anyway the results are here. Nice to see Fiona Fardon back on the water at the business end of Peter's RS500. She celebrated her return by helping Peter to a 4th win of the series, if only very narrowly on handicap from Chris Smith's Streaker and John Oldham not far behind in his Phantom.  Ben Sharp, Kevin Seebaluck and Ian Woods rounded off the top 6 in Lasers.

    In the personal handicap Ben Sharp put in a third successive win to secure the series. 

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