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Inner and Outer Gate Codes

  • As per the recent email to all members the combination codes for the inner and outer gates have been changed.

    Please remember when using the gates:

    DO scramble and then re-close the padlocks (in that order) after opening the gates and going through - if not scrambled, the lock doesn't close, and the number can be viewed and compromised. Make sure the locking bar cannot be removed and thrown into the river - this has happened in the past.
    DO ensure that both gates remain locked at ALL times on non-sailing days, except when passing through - even if only a lightning visit, you must lock behind you.
    DO keep the inner gate closed on sailing days, except when passing through. 
    DO ensure that the chain around the inner gate is not left dangling. Padlock it around one of the gates so that it cannot be removed without first unlocking.
    DO check that the Thames Water padlock is not bypassed when re-locking. They need daily access to the reservoir.

    DON'T struggle to try putting a padlock around two chain links. Put the end link of one chain through a link of the other chain and attach the padlock to the end link, so that it cannot be withdrawn.