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Last but one Wednesday, 2014

  • Yes really. Well, "The sands ran through the hourglass, each day more rapidly". Maybe its just missing the last two weeks (thanks Gareth for results and reports), but the year really seems to have flown by this time. There's a report in the newpaper today suggesting that if the Scots secede its more likely the rest of Britain might move to using European time. As I recall, from the last time it was tried, the late dark mornings were rather unpleasant, but it would certainly make for a longer Wednesday evening series...

    So there was plenty of breeze about during the day, what with the remains of the much hyped low which had a vague connection with a one time hurricane, but it was certainly dying off at rigging time. After launching the boat there seemed to be some pretty vicious gusts and shifts about, but even that calmed down, and just as well too as I later discovered I'd carelessly left my van keys in the very insecure pocket of my buoyancy aid... So yes, we blasted about before the start, and the first fleet got away OK, but really it was dying off for the fast boats after the first half lap. There was a late course change, signalled on the committee boat,with the first two marks moved round to the north. An unusual course it was too, with a beat up the top followed by, in the event, a succession of reaches. As I recall it was shyish reach, marginal for kites reach, deep but not really requiring gybing reach and beamish reach back to the start. Bit of an asymettric course you might think: well hard to argue with that really. All those gybes at marks seemed a bit high pressure, but the clouds went past and the wind dropped, and it got rather less intimidating.

    The race - I seem to remember a lot of mark roundings in company, and having to take extra care to avoid contact on overlapped and especially overlap-inadvertently-made-within-the-zone-so-get-out-of-there-quick overlapped mark roundings. I also remember looking back at the finish and thinking "****** ****, what's that RS200 doing there". Indeed almost everyone seemed to finish in a pack that I was a good deal too close to. 

    And results.  Ian and Clare won. Their second outright win of the series: congratulations. Next were three Lasers - despite what the sheet says Mike Curtis was in a Laser last night, followed by Kevin Seebaluck and Kevin Pearson. Mike seemed to be leading Laser for all the race, but as I recall the Kevins were very close and changing places. Ian and Clare also picked up the personal handicap to get the double...

    Overall: well, unless I'm mistaken an extra discard kicks in next week, so this weeks totals can only improve, not get worse. And I think that makes the top 3 or 4 places in the standard series more or less settled. The first two in the personal series also look secure - at least f Harry can get along and do a race duty next week, which is a condition to qualify for the series...

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