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Wed 6 Aug

  • Wed 6 Aug

    Another lazy hazy day of summer, but beware – the nights are drawing in – definitely putting boats away in the dark.  Only two more weeks...

    Well we had a different course, a P shape, long beat from 3 to 8, shortish reach to 6, broad reach to x and run back to 3. Initially some debate about which way we were to round 3 but the RO decided that mark to starboard worked best (it was almost exactly a 180 degree turn).

    The slow start was distinctly pin end with Gareth and Caroline coming down on starboard sufficiently close to the pin to frighten off Tony T going for port tack flyer. The wind somehow never seemed quite as strong on the sails as it looked as it if should be – perhaps the warmth made the air thinner or something but power seemed to be lacking. 

    I didn’t see the laser of Handicap starts, but the fast boats ate up the gap to the lasers very quickly, and with two good asymmetric reached and only a short run Mike C’s 400 was quickly catching not just the lasers but all the slow fleet. By half way round the second lap Mike passed Gareth who had a decent lead over the rest of the slow fleet followed by Richard in the Phantom but with Kevin P’s Laser and Mike Storey’s EPS creeping close to Gareth.

    The RO blamed the distraction of a Feva doing some capsize practice for not shortening as the wind faded on the last lap extending the timing of all the gaps, but probably the key positions were already established. Mike C from Gareth and Kevin in the standard, but Roy Poole taking honours in the personal ahead of Mike C and Tony T.

    Mike disappeared over the horizon while Richard struggled to increase the gap in the decreasing breeze and Mike Storey stared to lose ground. Kevin got within six inches of an overlap on Gareth but the final run suited the Solo more than the Laser and Gareth pulled out a few more seconds.

    Results in the usual place.


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