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Wed 30 July

  • Wed 30 July

    Beautiful sunny evening, but definitely start of the peak holiday period. Not sue many sailors on the water, lots of traffic on the roads but a beautiful evening for a sun bathe  (err  I mean sail).

    Slow start rather over competitive for a small fleet with Gareth attempting  port end start but being a bit early and forced to go over the line to miss the oncoming starboard tackers.  Wind was light westerlyish with a long upwind downwind course separated by two short reaches. Beat to 9, very fine reach to 8, long run to 4, shy to beam reach to 3. Somewhat a solo friendly course I fear with the wind too light for any fast boats to plane and a long run. Having been over the line I was concentrating more on catching the rest of the slow fleet thank looking back but I think I heard multiple hoots on the next start as well – strange how a small fleet can have more competition than a larger one.

    As often happens the wind slowly faded as the sun sank – nights definitely starting to draw in. Paul Playle sailing Mark Ampleford’s boat led for most of the race with Gareth slowly creeping up after the poor start to pass him on the last run. With the wind fading and a long light run favoring the ‘slow’ fleet the first few on the water also took the standard handicap honours

    In the personal Caroline Baldwin put is a stellar performance – 3rd on scratch but two minutes clear on the personal. Overall it looks as if Gareth and Harry have the standard and personal firmly grasped but the rest of the podiums remain closely contested.

    Results in the usual place - some personal results may be missing until Jim fixes up the aliases, I'm a poor substitute scorer.


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