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Trailer Park Make Sure Your Trailer Has A Valid sticker By July 1st

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tidying up the trailer park - island barn reservoir sailing club
Tidying up the trailer park.

Some stirling work was done at the working party to tidy up the trailer park and free up more parking space.

The trailers have been divided up - those by the fence generally have known owners and are in good shape.  Those by the bank are either wreaks or  don't have identifiable owners.

If you have a trailer stored at the club please spend a little time and locate it and affix an up to date trailer sticker to it.  More importantly if it is by the bank move it to the other side.  Any trailers left by the bank after the 1st July will be disposed of.

Also, if you have chained your trailer to the fence please unchain it and move it into the newly created space within the trailer park.