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Wednesday Series 18 July

  • A very late report this week: sorry. The club laptop picked up a bit of malware and wasn't communicating with the rest of the world, and I haven't had time to sort it out. So as far as reports go, my memory is kinda dim. It started out reasonable I think, but we had an early evening lull, and the last couple of laps were postively painful. As I recall my first beat went well, but from there on it didn't so much go pear shaped as postively pineapply, with sharp bits that hurt at regular intervals...

    Not nearly so badly hurt was Kevin Pearson, who put up a gourmet performance to win by over a minute on handicap: something that isn't easy to do in a Laser these days. Paul Playle's 2nd was a respectable performance, even in a Solo, but I thought Caroline Baldwin's 3rd in her Byte was outstanding. These three were well over 5 minutes clear of everyone else on handicap. Mike Curtis got 4th, in a Laser this time (rumour has it he's intending to set an all time record for the most different classes sailed in a single series) whilst Harry Phelps got 5th and PrestonTaylor rounded out the top 6 in his Blaze.

    Caroline got the personal handicap by an appreciable Margin, with Kevin 2nd and Paul 3rd. Harry got 4th, breaking his run of wins, Preston 5th and Roy Poole 6th in his Merlin.