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Anniversary Series June

  • A reasonable day for the anniversary series - warmish, but overcast. The clubhouse anenometer reckoned it was F3/4 at rigging time, but it was a northerly, and I think it over reads, what with the wind being accellerated up the bank. By the time we were racing I'd have put it at no more than F2.

    Difficult to know what was intended course wise, because the wind was varying considerably in direction. What we got was a long beat, and then a sort of Z shaped series of three reaches back down,, in the end none of them particularly shy or very deep. The top one under the windward bank was probably the closest.

    The turnout wasn't great unfortunately, and in particular there were no two handers at all (apart from on the committee boat). Ironic really, the course would have been a very favorable one for an RS200 or 400. From a suprisingly busy start Peter Curtis, in his 300 for this race, took an early lead and kept it. Never really threatened at all and the deepish reaches certainly suited that slippery little boat. Also doing very well was Mark Ampleford, third on the water no less in his Solo... 

    Personal handicap results are provisional until later in the series. Several new members who I don't have any data to allocate personal handicaps for, so I put a finger in the air. We'll see how they do.

    Results are here. Please excuse the short report: I've cricked my back and am having trouble sitting down to type. I'll maybe add to this tomorrow: or alternatively any and all participants or spectators are welcome to email me their thoughts using this form and I'll include them.

    Here's something a little different: its a GPS track of the race from my boat. You can see all the headers I missed or didn't think it was worth tacking on. It does give a feel for how much the wind was swinging. Yellow is around 3 knots, going through orange, red and msuve up to blue which is around 10knots - and mostly GPS glitches I reckon. In reality msybe 8 or 9 knots in the gusts was about as fast as I got.

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