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Wednesday Series 11 June 2014

  • We do get great sunsets at Island Barn. I think its the height, plus the lack of hills in the right direction. You know, if we ever had to build a new clubhouse it would be nice to extend the big picture windows so we had a view of the sunset while eating our supper on a Wednesday night. Its great, sitting down relaxing with some good food, a pint and some chat after the race, but it would be even better with a backdrop like the above...

    OK, so the racing. It had been breezy during the day, but was dying down, and forecast to drop more. There were some fair sized cu-nims about upwind, and after last week I was kinda nervous about that, but taking a rational look at them it was obvious that they hadn't got anything like the height required for a thunderstorm. I still put on the wetsuit after freezing in the committee boat last week!

    But yes, light airs and reasonable warmth was the order of the day. It might have been force oneish as we set off for the start, but certainly no more. Better than two weeks ago I'm told. In view of the light airs the RC had set a small course using about half the reservoir, but oddly the windward half. The course was beat, short broadish reach come run, short one sided beat come fetch to a second windward mark, another broadish reach come run to about halfway down the reservoir, and a beam reach back across to the start. This gave us two windward marks in the windward bank eddies, which certainly provided plenty of challenges...

    Mike Storey had his Twelve out, and it was immediately obvious that this was a weapon of choice, building up what was a times a huge lead, although he did get pegged back by the Solos (the other obvious candidate) later on in the race, and overtaken by Mike Curtis at the end. The Curtis team were sailing the RS400 this week, having, I presume plucked that boat from the quiver as most suited to the conditions. Three RS200s were having a reasonable battle, although after a while one retired after the stern sank on a tack. Yes, bung not in. We've all done it, and when one of the younger sailors commented *I* haven't, he was slightly puzzled to be addressed as Oscar - "You will Oscar, you will". What else... well I honestly didn't see much of the race from my position at the back of it. It wasn't a good Canoe evening anyway, and I wasn't sailing that well. If anyone has more to add please email me and I'll put it in the report.

    Results? Here you are. Solo (Griffiths), Solo (Pettit), N12 (Storey), RS400 (Curtis), Solo (Playle), Laser (Pearson). In the personal handicap Rob Pettit picked up a second win. He's clearly going faster in the Solo than the Laser. I guess this reflects the Laser handicap conundrum I've pontificated on in the past. Dave Baldwin was 2nd in the Vareo, which I reckon was good in the conditions. Tony Sproat (Solo) 3rd, Roy Poole (Merlin) 4th, Gareth 5th and Ian and Clare (RS200) 6th.



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