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How Duties Are Allocated and Managed

  • The following Duty Roles have been identified:

    Duty Race Officer - Holds overall responsibility for the operation of the Club on the day. Manages the duty team on the day, runs racing and provides results.

    Safety Boat Helm - Responsible for power boat operation. It is Club policy that by Nov 2014 a Safety Boat Helm MUST be RYA PB2 qualified. In the interim it is the responsibility of the Duty Officer on the day to determine if a power boat can be operated by a non-PB2 qualified person.

    Race Assistant - The 2nd person in a safety boat and/or assistant to the Race Officer on the Committee Boat

    Catering  - Prepares and serves hot food and drinks

    Upon joining the Club or renewing membership through the Membership Site a member nominates themselves in one of the above roles. Note that Duty Race Officer roles are subject to approval and confirmation by the Duty Co-ordinator (Gareth Griffiths). Members are also encouraged to nominate family members who can fill suitable roles as well. For example, an older Junior sailor could be a Race Assistant, a non sailing parent could do Catering.

    The duty roster system then generates a selection of dates for the member to choose from. In the unlikely event that none of the dates generated are suitable, select the least worst option and then arrange a swap. Once you have made your date selections there will be a  list of your (and family members if appropriate) outstanding duties on your Dashboard page.  Next to each duty are links to confirm you will be attending your duty and to request a swap for this duty. Clicking on the swap link will take you to a page where you can select the duties you can swap with.

    When a swap is requested, the relevant members will receive an email containing two links - one to accept the swap and another to decline. It very much helps to accept swaps that other members propose - you may be in a similar situation in the future and be very grateful when someone accepts your swap.

    10 days and 3 days before your duty is due you will be sent a reminder email.  This email will also contain a link you can use to confirm you will be attending the duty.  

    The full duty roster can be found under the Duties menu on the Membership Site




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