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TryRace 2014 resumes May 27

  • Have you made that big step from starting to sail to starting to race?

    Started your first race - WELL DONE - but did you find everyone else was already on the horizon?

    Finished your first race - WELL DONE - but maybe you found that you were lapped a couple of times?

    Sailing IS EASY. Sailing SAFELY is what we first teach, and that's quite easy. Sailing fast and efficiently is much harder and that's where TryRace really helps. It's a massive step from being able to sail round a course (RYA Level 2 or completed TrySail) to start racing efficiently. TryRace aims to develop your skills to start racing. Each week we will concentrate on one or two topics roughly working through the RYA Start to Race syllabus with particular reference to our club.  Equally you have been sailing for a few years but want to get closer to the front of your fleet.

    The sort of things we tackle are:

    • Racing rules
    • Starting a race
    • Mark rounding
    • Efficient upwind sailing
    • More advanced sail controls

    Each week we take a topic and do some specific practice then incorporate that into our sailing (we usually do a few very short practice races to put the new skill into use). 


    Tues eveings in parallel with TrySail STARTING Tues 27 May

    What do I need?
    Solo or laser prefered (near enough the same speed for this) but if you have another boat we'll do our best to accomodate you. Club boats can be used but you need to hire them. If you are very light, Topper is fine but you may find others overtaking you a lot. Any other similar speed boat is fine.

    Register with Gareth - numbers may be limited so get in early! Priority given to previous TrySail or RTC pupils but so long as the numbers are not too huge any member is welcome.

    If you can help (I'd like one experienced sailor each week to help but without robbing TrySail of any helms) please let me know.

    Be rigged with boat on the water on the Solo/Laser pontoons (West or Right of the clubhouse looking out) to start at 7pm Tues. Series will run in parallel with Trysail for the rest of the season. Briefing will be by the Solo pontoon if it isn't raining. (If wet I'll let you know).

    What will it cost?

    NOTHING! Just your time - at least for this season this is a free course to members. You will need to pay boat hire if using a club boat.


    Please register with Gareth - if I don't know you let me know your experience and what boat you will use. If you plan to hire a club boat let me know so I can check the numbers with Chris (TrySail will also need club boats).

    Club Open with Stage 3 Restrictions    find out more