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The duty system - 2014

  • There seems to be some confusion over how long summer duties are and who does what when…


    Revised  IBRSC duty system for 2014-15


    The New Scheme (2014):

    • In Summer Sundays when Junior Sailing School (JSS) is NOT running, cruising can continue till 16:00 (Duty officer may close from 15:00 if no-one sailing)
    • On JSS Sundays the Duty Officer hands over formal ‘on the water’ responsibility to the JSS leader by 15:00. Should one cruising cover safety boat be required till 17:00 this is provided by the water team but under the responsibility of the JSS leader (see detail below)
    • The duty team should get out as many power boats as possible at the end of racing. If there are less than 7 other boats available do not put the committee boat away
    • On  days the JSS team (perhaps including parent helpers) are responsible for putting away the coach boats and locking up the clubhouse and gates.
    • Catering team duties to 10.00 to 15.00 (Sundays only)
      • JSS parents may continue this after 15:00
    • There should be 5 members for each day’s Race/Water team on Sundays but only 4 on Saturdays
    • We ask the parents of Junior / Cadet members
      • To undertake a minimum of one Catering duty each year as part of membership
      • We encourage parents to train as safety boat helms (PB2 minimum) to provide safety cover
    • We encourage all members to take PB2 (Power Boat level 2) courses (we heavily subsidise these)
    • The duty system allocates members to specific skills groups and to limits duty swaps to members within each specific group
    • In the winter the Sunday sailing ends after the B2B races with an aim of closing the club by 15:00
    • We no longer have fixed duty teams but the rota system that facilitates the most efficient management of resources - the new system allows you some choice of duty dates


    What the water team does:

    • Check there is adequate fuel for ALL tanks – (if not send one person to fill green tanks)
    • Get power boats ready for the racing (usually that is Committee boat plus two safety boats)
    • (Depending on conditions that’s one as safety, one which helps the Race Officer during the start and finish but acts as second safety otherwise)
    • Check each boat has a radio and one radio left with the catering team who can call if any problems noticed from the shore (do a radio check)
    • Set the course by 10:00
    • Run the races recording the results on the sheets provided (See race officers guide for how to run races)

    At the end of the Sunday races

    • On JSS days prepare all available power boats (That’s why it is important to check the fuel at the start of the day). On non-JSS put committee boat away, retain one safety boat while ther are still members cruising
    • After lunch when JSS starts and the clubhouse empties, empty bins and generally clean up the clubhouse.
    • Check if any other jobs need doing
    • Hand over to JSS leader (that will be sometime between 2:30 and 3:00 depending how quickly everything from the morning is cleaned up). Make sure this is a clear handover - it should be after the initial rush to get JSS running. (The teaching/coaching ghroups will put the power boats away and lock up.)


    • Run the races as scheduled
      Because summer Sundays with all boats in use for coaching/safety are so busy it is really important that the Saturday team leave the green cans full.